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  1. Yes, but I could also see a scenario where someone gets their SSD RMA'd under the warranty period if it fails. And if there is a way for the manufacturer to know it's been defragmented the warranty could be void.
  2. Then those in that opinion should study the SSD manufacturer recommendations on their official websites. I've seen at least two SSD Manufacturers with FAQ's that state SSDs do not need defragmenting, but they don't elaborate. Then on the other hand: Defrag and Optimize Drives ("Windows Defrag") will occasionally defrag files on an SSD if the fragmentation is getting out of hand, since there is supposedly an upper threshold even for SSDs on how fragmented a file can become -- that is if the SSD (the good variety) will actually obey such commands since nobody really knows what they're doing under the hood since they're essentially a little computer themselves.
  3. I've seen script errors display on the desktop before but only way back in the Windows 98 days with the error being from Internet Explorer -- often it was the result of adware/spyware being installed on the system or even an infected system.
  4. I'm so used to search getting broken that I just put a ton of shortcuts into a folder on the desktop, then that folder "kind of acts like an app launcher."
  5. Perhaps that's what Nergal's comment was about without elaborating, and perhaps unticking/disabling under Firefox: Compact Databases would be a worthy test to see if it remedies the issue. Although, CCleaner very rarely actually compacts the Firefox databases ("SQLite files").
  6. If you haven't tried yet give the Slim build installer a try and see if that works (scroll down the page to see it): https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/builds
  7. The other CCleaner download page is here, it will download the Standard installer. https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/download
  8. What I mentioned in this post: https://forum.piriform.com/topic/55484-ccleaner-a-resource-hog-that-stops-computer/?do=findComment&comment=310629 This is that other post that I wasn't able to find earlier, with tons of CCleaner.exe files started as shown in Task Manager, although that isn't what this topic is about:
  9. A 2 years old installation on Windows 10 really does tell allot because Microsoft won't let old versions of CCleaner run on Windows 10, I don't know what the cut-off version is however. So essentially you're forced to update CCleaner if you wish to continue using it. The newest version of CCleaner is available at: https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/builds Edit: Here's the official post by Dave about using old versions of CCleaner:
  10. I wonder if rebuilding the search index would fix it. Search is so easily broken in Win10!
  11. You need a checksum/hash tool program, those listed below I've tried and liked: * Implbits HashTab Personal (Free, Installation): http://implbits.com/products/hashtab/ * Nirsoft HashMyFiles (Free, Portable): https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/hash_my_files.html * Snap MD5: (Free, Portable): https://dan.hersam.com/software/snap-md5/ Nirsoft HashMyFiles is the most up-to-date!
  12. Also CCleaner versions are posted in the Announcements area of the forum, and shortly afterwards usually a few hours later the setup file checksums/hashes are edited into the announcement post so that people can very easily verify their download. As an example: CCleaner v5.61 announcement.
  13. I've never seen them mention on the main site and download pages what country using the software is banned in. I think it's just a matter of downloading it and installing it, or at least trying. If your ISP is using or bought old decommissioned Iran IP's you might have issues, that is if I'm remembering previous discussions about it correctly.
  14. Piriform would have to be able to reproduce it themselves to solve it. Also the forum isn't flooded at the moment with complaints about it.
  15. It was only mentioned because you made three posts in a roll about competing software, which has to be removed per Piriform's wishes going back many years. If you wish to tell someone about alternatives do so via a PM, then there's no posts to remove.
  16. When stopping any defrag software: 1. Make sure the program GUI shows that it successfully stopped. 2. After closing the defrag program, make sure it isn't still running in the background doing something, i.e.; still defragmenting. Reason to do this is if a defrag program is working on a large file (or a very slow hard disk) it may not stop for some amount of time.
  17. Look at the very top right of the page where your forum name is shown, now look a little to the left and you'll see a mail envelope. From there you can access the Private Messenger.
  18. Per Piriform we can't allow competing software to be posted on the forums. Do all you want via the PM system however.
  19. Original topic about it, with allot of posts: https://forum.piriform.com/topic/53546-last-ccleaner-v5547088-window-not-resizing/ Basically why it was done, without having to do allot of reading about it: Modern displays are getting bigger which means some programs that don't have a set minimum size look tiny on screen. All you have to do is maximize the CCleaner window and everything will fit on screen.
  20. I only have 7 of them installed, which is probably due to me primarily using portable software.
  21. It's probably "Easy Clean" that's doing it. Here's how to configure CCleaner to use "Custom Clean" instead: 1. Open CCleaner. 2. Click: Options > Settings 3. In Settings enable/tick: Custom Clean 4. Click the large Custom Clean icon on the left, and in the Windows (tab) scroll down to System, and look for Recycle Bin and disable/untick it. 5. Try your Recycle Bin test again to verify cleaning it has been successfully disabled.
  22. It disappears because it cleans automatically, and then closes itself which is the normal operation in 'Options > Settings' for 'Run CCleaner when the computer starts'. If you want it always running resident go into 'Options > Smart Cleaning'.
  23. Interesting. I got four of them auto-installed on 15 August 2019, and when manually looking through the program files folder this was installed too: C:\Program Files\Intel\Media SDK I wonder if some Intel drivers install them.
  24. My Samsung SSD isn't my boot drive it's a secondary as drive E:\. I found a 1GB hidden file that Samsung Magician 6.0.0 created on it after I benchmarked (did not cancel the benchmark) using it, and looking at the drive S.M.A.R.T. data, etc.: E:\mict.dat This new version is sloppy, first I couldn't download it due to the frivolous complete b.s. daily download limit (come on I've spent hundreds of dollars on Samsung SSDs), and now the huge junk files it creates including a hidden one.
  25. 1. If you have the Windows install files/disc/USB flash drive; It would be easier in my opinion to format the drive, and reinstall Windows - do the Full Format when reinstalling Windows. It's a clean start for the buyer of the computer without possibility of errors or other issues. 2. Let Windows automatic updates install. 3. Install any manufacturer drivers that Windows automatic updates didn't install. 4. Install CCleaner, and then Wipe Free Space on the drive. Done, and easy!
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