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  1. The solution is here for now, that is until they fix it in CCleaner: https://forum.piriform.com/topic/56335-solution-ccleaner-cannot-fully-clean-microsoft-edge-due-to-pre-loading/
  2. Bookmarked. I'll fire up the old seventeen year old XP tank and give it a go.
  3. A "delightful experience" would be for them to replace the hamburger icons with donut icons!
  4. Could be from crash dump data caused by the BSOD since those can take a ton of disk space but I'm not sure if they'd take 100's of GB of space. If it is crash dump data CCleaner can clean it, but that doesn't even begin to solve the issue why your computer is getting BSOD crashes -- and no Defraggler will not solve your computer having BSOD crashes the cause is elsewhere. Being that your computer is so new perhaps get HP on the phone for some support/customer help.
  5. Disable Microsoft Edge pre-loading and that might fix it (referring to the original Edge not the upcoming replacement based upon Chrome/Chromium): https://forum.piriform.com/topic/56335-solution-ccleaner-cannot-fully-clean-microsoft-edge-due-to-pre-loading/ Edit: You shouldn't allow it to force Edge to close, doing that can cause the database in Edge to become corrupted.
  6. The help site is outdated on some things. Like the cleaning you mention they actually miss an opportunity to upsell someone to CCleaner Pro for cleaning multiple user accounts.
  7. Another case of the documentation site needing some updates!
  8. Bug confirmed! I'll point an admin to this topic since it's a bug setting the command wrong in the registry.
  9. There is no: /AUTOS It is just: /AUTO Here's the full list of command-line options available: https://www.ccleaner.com/docs/ccleaner/advanced-usage/command-line-parameters If you want CCleaner to automatically clean your computer when it starts, you can find that setting in CCleaner at: Options > Settings: Run CCleaner when the computer starts
  10. Although this topic is locked, one more thought of advice: Reboot your broadband modem and/or router weekly. Or unplug it and plug it back in from the wall outlet weekly. This cures allot of network connection issues including a slow Internet.. ISP's such as CenturyLink, etc., that provide their own branded modems to customers: Make sure the modem hasn't went back into the modem Walled Garden mode -- maintenance an ISP is doing can cause that or even wipe out all previous settings. For all other issues just phone the ISP for assistance.
  11. Yeah that official CCleaner page has been outdated and wrong for over one full year now, been discussed in other topics complaining about it too. This topic should have been locked from the get go because it's like a merry go round with multiple topics complaining about the exact same thing. Let's hope they have a real fix coming soon.
  12. Not saying it's not possible with some expensive commercial "pro" tool, however with the "simple" and limited freeware variety of tools I've used over the years I've never seen that ability.
  13. Updated entry. Moved: * FileKey1 is now FileKey3 Added: * FileKey1 *.log cleaning - delete logs * FileKey2 *.sqlite cleaning - delete the entire download history (video URL, saved video filename) [4K Video Downloader *] LangSecRef=3023 Detect=HKCU\Software\4kdownload.com\4K Video Downloader Default=False FileKey1=%LocalAppData%\4kdownload.com\4K Video Downloader\4K Video Downloader|*.log FileKey2=%LocalAppData%\4kdownload.com\4K Video Downloader\4K Video Downloader|*.sqlite FileKey3=%LocalAppData%\4kdownload.com\4K Video Downloader\4K Video Downloader|*.xml RegKey1=HKCU\S
  14. Possibly the problem was because the hard disk was formatted as FAT32? I don't know in particular though. If you used that Microsoft tool to create Windows 10 installation media I thought it stated it would either format or overwrite all data on the drive, at least I think that's what it states when using a USB Flash Drive. It's a very horrible lesson learned, worth investing in cheap USB 3.0 Flash Drives for Windows 10 installation media!
  15. It's in both CCleaner and Defraggler unfortunately. This explains it in a nutshell:
  16. The admin created this topic from what I had originally compiled to relieve confusion, seems it's not working either. The only real solution will be for them to have something to fix the issue without people having to manually edit the registry or run a pre-compiled .reg file.
  17. Windows built in format tool won't allow formatting drives larger than 32GB with FAT32, however third party partitioning tools like EaseUs and MiniTool, etc., will - although that doesn't answer the question of recovery.
  18. CCleaner is not a malware removal tool. For more info see here:
  19. Too bad they aren't just going to stop in 2020 instead.
  20. One thing I won't use 3rd party uninstallers on is drivers, had too many issues doing that.
  21. Once you select it CCleaner will also respect that setting when right-clicking the Recycle Bin and choosing Run CCleaner.
  22. It doesn't compact the registry. One thing though is if you use Windows 10 there's really no reason to compact "defrag" the registry, it does it automatically by itself from what I've noticed when making full registry backups with the freeware program Tweaking.com - Registry Backup. Example, install a bunch of Windows Updates and it can or will grow in size then within 1-2 weeks it shrinks down in size. Plus, Windows 10 registry should never be cleaned by registry cleaners (even Microsoft doesn't want anyone using them anymore) since all the updates make it an always moving target with th
  23. It's not implemented yet. It's a good idea at least for those that start with "https://forum.", they could be automatically added into the Cookies to Keep list when activating it.
  24. If you're using a hard disk and a 3rd party customizable defrag software that allows you to input exclusions, one tip is to exclude the whole C:\System Volume Information folder in the defrag software. Allowing 3rd party defrag tools to defragment files in there "may cause issues such as restore points failing."
  25. It's caused by corruption in one or more of your System Restore Points when CCleaner no longer displays them and it's a heads up that you have an issue (in fact the only heads up you'll get because you could try to use a restore point to fix something and it could fail), there's an old topic solution about it here: https://forum.piriform.com/topic/44795-solution-when-ccleaner-doesnt-show-system-restore-points-windows/ On my old WinXP desktop that I still use irregularly I've disabled System Restore, in my opinion it can never be trusted to actually fix something due to the possibility of
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