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  1. Try NirSoft RegScanner (freeware), it will display a list of all things Google or Chrome in the registry allowing you to double-click them and then manually delete them via RegEdit. Try to limit yourself to only removing Chrome references because there are some Google registry data that has nothing to do with Chrome that's build into Windows. Note that some antivirus' may give a false positive against Nirsoft RegScanner.
  2. Stopping Wipe Free Space before it ends can cause it to leave a huge file on the hard disk, using TreeSizeFree like esoteric17 did can help you find that disk space consuming file so it can be manually deleted. Personally when I use Wipe Free Space I temporarily disable System Restore in Services. Edit: The reason why the Restore Points were deleted can be read here.
  3. Can't see the screenshot. If it's files that are being deleted Exclude them: Go into Options > Exclude > Add > Drive or Folder > Browse to the path of your game. If it's registry settings that are being deleted Exclude them: Go into Options > Exclude > Add > Registry Key > Then input the Registry settings path of your game.
  4. I would probably only last 1999 years 364 days, one day short.
  5. I don't know but perhaps an icon flushing tool will help remove the jaggedness if they're actually icons in the program, then again maybe not if they're bitmaps in the program.
  6. You aren't by chance using the "tweak/hack" to extend updates of XP until 2019 are you that Microsoft warned against? If so I know it will cause issues some little some very obvious.
  7. Or Samsung should start making car parts. I don't know how a life expectancy could be guaranteed because everyone will use their SSD differently, just like how some people have no luck with now old school hard drives dying in months while others use them more than a decade without issue.
  8. That's why I've always stated to use a free image hosting site instead of uploading images/pictures to the forum.
  9. Andavari

    SSD Hardrive

    Some useful info by forum member Aethec in this post that was asking the same thing you wish to know: http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=29437&do=findComment&comment=175889
  10. Look in your user profile folder, you'll probably have to first enable the view of Hidden Files and Folders.
  11. Just download the Slim or Portable builds of CCleaner, they don't include any 3rd party program.
  12. In case the bug fixers need to know, is this correct for what you're using?: * CCleaner 5.02.5101 * Windows 8.1 (64-bit) Edit: I'd say it's more than just a font problem! Allot of it including icons, scrollbar, etc., looks blurry and unfocused compared to everything else you have in your screenshot which looks sharp.
  13. Urmet, you'll need to start your own unique topic about the issue you're having, this topic is about something entirely different.
  14. It would be funny if the "survey" software had a severe bug that caused them their own internal DDoS against their own servers.
  15. For WMP we need a Recycle Bin tab to put it into, just sayin'.
  16. Ok smart alleck. Next you'll be using adult diapers, false teeth, and Ensure drinks jokes. Those of us older than you will get the last laugh because you'll one day be in the same situation.
  17. 7-Zip does allow viewing and unpacking the contents.
  18. Can't see what the error reads in the screenshot since it's too small. If that error dialog pops up use these keyboard keys to focus only on it: CTRL+PrntScn - or optionally use an image editor to copy+paste it into image so it can be seen - or just type in what it says.
  19. Look for left-over Firefox folders on your hard disk, places to look: * Program Files * User Profile - Application Data
  20. It just defragments it, and the bigger the pagefile the longer it takes. I have it set to always defrag when booting.
  21. They're for DVD Video. See this article https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VOB
  22. In the future with CCleaner wait for the Slim build to be posted on this page (it doesn't include the Google stuff): https://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/builds
  23. Do you perhaps mean Windows Search instead? To turn off Windows Search here's a good article with pictures: http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/25343-windows-search-turn-off.html Maybe also create a user profile on your system only for playing games with allot of the exhaustive services and other stuff turned-off.
  24. Not that long ago when I marked this as the sole topic for GUI complaints it almost got locked, but then I very quickly changed my mind in about 2 minutes and realised that would be censoring people so I made it a pinned topic instead. I personally will not lock this topic. And kudos to DAOWAce in post 96, the first two paragraphs are right on the spot at least with how I feel being that I'm older.
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