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  1. PicPick Portable URL: https://portableapps.com/apps/graphics_pictures/picpick-portable License: Freeware (Personal use) / Paid (Business use) Supports: Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 ---------------------------------------------- Edit - some annoyances it has: * It can be tricky to get sized correctly with its awkward GUI design. * It stays running resident in the task bar when you think you've exited out of it, so you have to manually close it using the task bar icon (near the clock). * When manually closing it in the task bar it will sometimes cause it to throw
  2. Rant: The change log states they made some GUI corrections but it still isn't usable for me at all because in order for the GUI to be visible and fully on screen I have to scale the display too small and the font is so small it's too difficult to see. Looks like I won't ever get past v2.2.1. I don't know why they're having such issues making a proper GUI (hell even v3.x had GUI issues with messed up scaling on Win10) that can be re-sized, and with a scrollbar to see what would normally run off-screen -- same goes for Samsung Magician v6 (which I've uninstalled) and a host of other progr
  3. That doesn't always work and can open a can of worms. Case in point I did exactly that on a hard disk and the performance of it afterwards was horrible and nearly unusable. The only solution I had was to use the old discontinued free JkDefrag I had archived locally and play around with the command line to have it sort with "-a 7" which restored the performance on the disk.
  4. Removing duplicate program files and/or system files (.dll, .exe, ocx) is asking for nothing but issues, i.e.; breaking the program resulting into having to repair/reinstall. As you elude to some of the names are different, therefore they aren't really dup's then regardless even if they have a matching MD5/SHA-1/SHA-256 hash. From the screenshots: * As for removing dup's in an antivirus that would never be a recommendation, ever! Although most AV's have tamper protection. * Improperly cleaning Microsoft Office clutter with cleaning tools can/may/will break it! Deleting its program fil
  5. If it's a bought raid NAS setup that came with it's own "OS" or software one would think it would have the necessary defrag tool built in to it (if that's even a thing they bother with) to do it on a schedule or even automatically. Unless of course you're using a homebrewed setup. One thing is for certain Defraggler is slow, but any defrag tool is going to seemingly take an eternity attempting to fully optimize such a massive amount, I'd personally be very apprehensive attempting to fully optimize a drive with over 1TB of data let alone up to possibly 29TB. Plus as long as it would take I
  6. These are the only two "delay" items in my portable version (I don't use any delays so they're set to zero - all configured via the GUI however): DelayRB=0 DelayTemp=0 DelayTemp is obvious, I'm thinking DelayRB is for backing up what the registry cleaner removes but I'm not sure.
  7. It's stressing the hard disk, and that's one reason alone to not use it all that often.
  8. When I received my new M.2 SSD on Jan 2 along with an external M.2 enclosure that was defective I had to do a clean install of Win10 on the new SSD (then later restore from my disk image backup), the option was in there using the latest ISO for an offline account. Edit: And I was online!
  9. Guess Microsoft really wants them to "upgrade" to Win10 by not letting them shutdown or restart. Pulling the plug Nukecad could have other consequences though. Strange bug nonetheless.
  10. See here if any of this helps (it's for Windows but hopefully it's the same for Mac users) - i.e.; it's two posts one by Sandra CCleaner and Dave CCleaner: https://community.ccleaner.com/topic/56722-ccleaner-registration/?do=findComment&comment=314922
  11. All the more reason to not have a Microsoft account to use your damned computer. Wonder if one day it will be mandatory since they do have it in our faces allot with "login to your Microsoft account" when doing mundane s**t, in that case they could loose users in droves.
  12. I wonder if Microsoft is perhaps using any "push" updates, i.e.; they fix it without the user having to download anything, and it isn't shown in Automatic Updates. I know some antivirus vendors have used that in the past.
  13. If you changed Windows 10 default behavior (default is to have System Restore/System Protection turned off) and either turned on/enabled System Protection or even if you manually and regularly make a Restore Point on your own that's another avenue to undo the damage since Restore Points can also restore the registry undoing damage. Since you're on Windows 10 it's recommended that you completely abandon cleaning the registry. Microsoft recommends not using registry cleaners, as seen here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2563254/microsoft-support-policy-for-the-use-of-registry-clea
  14. My search box works (the one that's supposed to be Cortana but I turned her off so it's just an old school search). Now what's still broken is for instance go into your Documents folder, now the search in there that they supposedly fixed so we could right click in the search box is still broken after they supposedly fixed it with that optional update seen in Automatic Updates - don't care though since I never right click in search anyways. Scratch that, now it's working today. Gonna need to play around with Linux Mint again and see if I can ditch Windows or not.
  15. Something crashed on your system and created a memory crash dump. Sometimes it can happen if you have outdated drivers, for example outdated graphics drivers.
  16. If using any non-Microsoft disk defrag software that automatically defrags disks that might cause it - if that isn't the issue please ignore this. If your OS drive is an SSD and by looking at your screenshot you're using minimal space why not regularly (daily or weekly) use a disk imaging software that can make smaller incremental backups of only the changes taking place since a full disk image instead of relying upon System Restore which is obviously failing you for whatever reason.
  17. They've been investigating the issue with Microsoft Office for awhile now. Here's a post about it with an official statement acknowledging they are still investigating the issue.
  18. Although I have very little trust in System Restore (I trust verifiable disk images instead) I did enable it last year in Win10 v1803, and now that I'm on v1909 it's still enabled. Win10 has never disabled it from what I see for my C:\ drive and it reports the space it's using which grows slightly daily.
  19. Here's a search for the file name you posted: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=3590F75ABA9E485486C100C1A9D4FF06PHQGHUMEAYLNLFDX Possibly created by a program, possibly malware related, who knows. Personally I'd just delete them (or format the flash drive) and do a full virus scan of the whole computer and that flash drive. Edit: Do note that flash drives are susceptible to getting corruption on them, and if that happens weird looking file names can be left behind.
  20. Could make a difference upon how many physical files regardless of filesize exist in the system temp folder (assuming this is C:\Windows\Temp), and especially if on a hard disk drive instead of an SSD, although too many files can even be bothersome for an SSD. A ton of tiny files could take a long time but not hours which is unacceptable. Since you're already looking in that folder if there's a ton of files being created it could be from a program you have installed. I've personally never seen Windows (any version over the last 22 years) cause issues on its own in the system temp folder.
  21. That link has been there for ages but isn't really ideal for people struggling with small text size in a program. It's all to do with Windows screwed up scaling which lets be very honest in 2020 is a complete pain in the ass in Windows 10 (wasn't as annoying back in the WinXP era) since programs are all over the place with how they're displayed. Increase the scaling and some programs will be more legible but then some will run off screen like 7-Zip, Samsung Magician, etc., which isn't really ideal since programs that already look ok will also get changed. It's been a very long time s
  22. You can clean Edge Chromium using the community Winapp2.ini file and could have for months, but that isn't officially from Piriform.
  23. CCleaner is currently too much of a moving target in my opinion for them to update it, once they stop reinventing it and start once more to primarily focus on removing bugs and making sure it cleans the newest changes in Windows and browsers then maybe it will be viable. It is peculiar having the "old legacy" Wipe Free Space and newer Drive Wiper in there, and more peculiar that they never condensed everything into just Drive Wiper -- although I've personally never used Drive Wiper.
  24. Disk activity can cause it. If it's the drive that Windows is installed on then Windows and/or an installed software could have created or updated a log(s), etc., or something updating itself in the background such as antivirus, etc. Doesn't matter how long something has been on the disk, to Windows it see's empty available disk space and can use it. That's why it's always important to have backups.
  25. For what you created here's the correction, you already have LocalAppData listed, so CCleaner already knows to look into the Local folder. You can right-click the entry listed in CCleaner and select Analyze and it will list what's found in the clean window to verify it works - this is of course after you've already used Caprine first to generate the files you want CCleaner to clean. Since it's obviously an updater folder you can cheat if no update is available and generate your own file in that folder by simply creating a blank .TXT document in the path, and then analyze with CCleaner to
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