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  1. Some sites are just really slow, should be expected though. Disconnection in online games is nothing new, happens regular enough during normal circumstances however playing the games when most people are asleep in your country/time-zone is a good solution to avoid disconnection.

  2. Can we just link to the pre-made topic by admin Stephen, people have already previously complained about manually having to input values and they shouldn't be expected to manually edit the Windows registry due to possibly messing around in it damaging something not related.

    Here's a pre-made topic about CCleaner not properly cleaning Microsoft Edge, it has instructions and an easy to use pre-made .reg file that's available as a download, and you don't have to manually edit the Windows registry:

  3. Some SSD manufacturers such as Crucial/Micron, Samsung, etc., have free SSD toolbox software that can be used (not all SSD manufacturers have them though - looking at you Sk hynix). In their SSD toolbox it can erase their branded SSDs (and theirs only) - that's how you actually properly securely erase an SSD.

    As for wiping a drive to remove incriminating data which this topic almost implies due to the FBI reference isn't really something we should ever be discussing on this forum - so I'll close this topic.

  4. The latest "big" Windows 10 Update was supposed to have fixed Cortana/Search not working correctly - so it's worth making sure Windows 10 is up-to-date with all the most current patches.

    Sometimes simply rebooting the PC/laptop can fix some issues with Windows Cortana/Search. However other times you have to do some manual intervention to rebuilt the index.

    To manually rebuild the search index on Windows 10:
    1. Go into Settings, and copy+paste in: Indexing Options
    2. Click the Indexing Options text.
    3. When Indexing Options opens in a program window click: Advanced > Rebuild, and allow it to rebuild when it displays a "long time" warning dialog.

  5. On 23/03/2020 at 10:20, nikki605 said:

    I'm sure the internet is overloaded.


    That's probably why my area lost Internet access this morning, thought it was the online game I was playing since it regularly has server issues (but not early in the morning) but nope it wasn't the game and I was obviously one of the first to report it because the ISP tech support knew nothing.

    If connections become unreliable some ISP's should really consider overall stability and reducing speed by capping them to prevent over-usage blackouts - I'd rather have reduced speed with reliability and the ability to use the Internet versus it just being broken.

  6. 10 hours ago, hazelnut said:


    That topic states those folders are "eventually deleted by Windows", although I had tons of them dating back to 2018 when I had originally bought my laptop.

    Windows Defender auto-updated while I was away from the laptop for ten minutes and I had almost one hundred more of those empty folders. That CCleaner cleaning routine I made is actually deleting them as intended, although CCleaner shows nothing to confirm it has successfully got rid of them.

  7. Note: This is not a submission for inclusion into Winapp2.ini it needs to be tested by others so I'm asking others to help test this to see if it's safe to delete, or not. Neither BleachBit, CCleaner, or Disk Cleanup deal with these by default.

    I've noticed every few days hundreds of empty zero-bytes folders created by Windows 10 in "C:\WINDOWS\System32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local", the highest amount I had on first discovery was 900+ total with many of them being months/years old going back to 2018 and 2019 including newer ones from this year. This morning a few hundred more appeared.

    I think I got CCleaner to delete them with the test cleaning routine I made listed below but I can't be 100% sure since CCleaner didn't list anything (perhaps because they were zero-bytes), and I don't have anymore of those "tw*.tmp" folders at the moment for re-testing.

    For Testers Only:

    [System Profile Tmp Folders *]

  8. The forum software is acting buggy, I reported it.

    Look at the main page https://community.ccleaner.com/ the announcements is showing really old topics as "new" again like CCleaner v4.05 from 2013. Perhaps just spam block them in your email (I did long ago) to solve it once and for all.

  9. Just in case it's a web browser setting instead of something in CCleaner some browsers allow you to block and turn off notifications.

    In Firefox it's located in: Privacy & Security

  10. That's good, and it's done locally so no waiting on a manufacturer. Although one would think they'd just GNU GPL or Creative Commons the design and post it on the web for free for other testing and potential use.

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