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  1. Perhaps look for help on the official Amazon Forum:

    https://www.amazonforum.com/s/global-search/restore files data


    Supposedly "there is a way with paid for software" going by results in this search (I haven't tried it, so I don't know the results):


    One thing I do know since my mother has umpteen different Amazon Fire Tablets is you can re-download your files (pictures, etc.,) if you synced/backed them up on Amazon cloud servers (I haven't a clue if it does that automatically on it's own accord, or if it was something you had to be doing manually all along so good luck) -- anyways that's what I remember my mother doing when she bought her new Fire Tablet,  she just had it re-downloaded/sync everything which it was able to do automatically.

  2. You're asking a question about something that was posted 13 years ago. Instead of waiting for Piriform to fix it you can exclude it immediately on your system -- or disable/untick in CCleaner any boxes that clean Skype.

    Exclude items:
    1. Start CCleaner.
    2. Click: Options > Exclude
    3. In Exclude click: Add
    4. You can exclude the Skype physical folder(s), or files(s) installed on your disk drive, or registry data.

  3. 7 hours ago, hazelnut said:

    Other browsers such as Chrome and new Edge take time to get updates.


    I compile my own copy for SRWare Iron Portable. I'm don't use the Chrome Store version due to the buggy release back in 2018 where it would consistently always crash and we had to wait about one full week for a fix.

    Other than that I don't really like the new UI that much at all, but oh well.

  4. On 13/05/2020 at 21:43, Derek_S said:

    I accept that. I mentioned earlier in this thread that I have other products on my PC that I have purchased multiple times over the years going back to the 1990's as new versions of Windows became incompatible. Fortunately there haven't been massive changes since Windows 7 launched. I can't think of a single product I have had that worked with Windows 7 but not with Windows 10. In fact some of the software I use every day was purchased when Windows XP was the latest version.


    With CCleaner being a cleaning program that's different since changes Microsoft makes to Windows 10 can cause a cleaning tool such as CCleaner to have the potential to break something -- which has been the case a few times as seen on the forums via bug posts.

  5. 5 hours ago, KeepItClean said:

    @Dave CCleaner Indeed, it's a firewall rule. Thanks!

    Couldn't Ccleaner give up more quickly on getting an Internet connection? What's it needed for, besides?


    The first bit was posted here:

    What's any software, game, OS, etc., phoning home for: Updates, but mostly Telemetry.

  6. Nergal, the site still states: [Updated March-03-2020]

    Nevermind, he forgot to change the date on the site, however the downloaded HOSTS.zip file has a 3 May 2020 dated HOSTS file in it.

  7. New entry:

    [AOMEI Partition Assistant *]
    Detect=HKCU\Software\Partition Assistant
    FileKey1=%ProgramFiles%\AOMEI Partition Assistant\log|*.log


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