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  1. Thanks I use pagedefrag for some time now, and just love sysinternal tools in general. But pagedefrag has a fixed list of files to defrag. I've just upgraded to the new version of Defraggler, and the interactive map (good improvement, BTW) shows me that... it's not files that have spread, as isolated blue squares (see attcht) display "no files are in the block" : so, what ? NTFS internal structures ? directory entries ? FYI : 16.7GB partition, 2GB pagefile, defragged and freespace-defragged
  2. It's not always the case : if I consider my own drive usage, system files have spread allover the partition => they are not defragged/compacted when windows is running, and they remove all hope of having large contiguous files ; therefore my pagefile is cut in 25 pieces (even after disable/enable pagefile) !! boot-time defrag/compact is my only hope !!
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