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  1. Not at all, I was hoping that someone might have some insight on how to manually edit the registry so that these files would have normal entries and would not show up as unused. I tried modifying their entries to match similar ones but was unsuccessful (yes I make backups before I play). Usually if you ask and wait someone either knows the answer or knows another place you should ask the question. This forum is just where I started out. I am equally doubtful. Such a program would be 100X the size of CCleaner and would be horribly inefficient (IMHO). Thanks.
  2. OK, before the old timers start rolling their eyes, I have searched, and read, the entries on this subject, at least as many as I could. None of them addressed this issue; this is not really a problem with CCleaner, but, I believe, a problem that CCleaner is locating with certain software, hence I don't expect an answer, just looking for information and ideas. OK, on running CCleaner Registry Integrity test, I get 2 specific Unused File Extensions entries. The problem is, the files are created by current, valid, and installed commercial software. The programs have not been uninstalle
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