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  1. I honestly don't know why only v2.14.763 will only work correctly on both of your Win98SE machines, the lastest does what it says on the tin.


    Neither do I, but I don't care a toss: it works now!


    Long time no speak Aage, where have you been for 2 months? I got my 512Mb of eBay I could have told you that if you would have asked. I could have also told you that anything more than 650MB won't work on Win98SE unless you do a bit of weaking. I actually did a search on there this week for PC100 and there are loads of vendors at reasonable prices. ;)


    Well, just got back from nearly a month in Florida (see my tan? :D) And it took a bit of back and forth to get the memory issue sorted with my vendor, due to my ordering the wrong item. Thankfully, he was patient and very clear in email, so I am quite pleased. 2x 512meg for $17.95 free delivery is incredible, isn't it?


    But I'll check with you first next time, Keith. Thanks for looking out for me. ;)



    First, allow me to thank all of those who offered help for me, especially PDKEM, whose suggestion that version 2.14.763 ran fine on his Win98SE machine. PDKEM, your remark was spot on the money!


    I now have CCLEANER working perfectly on my PIII550/Win98SE machine! :D


    I was also finally able to expand memory to the max for my motherboard, 512meg, and WHAT a difference in performance! From stumbling along with frequent crashes, the machine now gallops at quite a satisfactory speed and is very stable. I was able to return the 2x 1gig pieces (that didn't work) and got 2x 256meg sticks from the same vendor very quickly, and they just popped in, working right away.


    Since it appears that some of you have had trouble locating suitable PC100/PC133 memory, please allow me to suggest that you try vendor pcesupply on ebay. His prices were excellent (surprisingly so), and the service was impeccable, right down to mailing them as First Class Mail, thus avoiding high shipping costs.


    I would add that I have no relationship with him other than as a very satisfied client. When I told him that the original sticks that I purchased did not work, he merely asked the make and model of my motherboard then sent me the correct memory (upon my return of the first ones, of course).


    Not sure if I am missing anything by using the old version of CCleaner, but it immediately ran and found the usual piles junk to clean out. I saved the cookies I wanted, and everything was perfect, just as it is on my Vista and XP machines with the latest version.


    Again, thanks to you all very much for your help and patience!


    Best regards to all,


    Aage Johansen

    Aurora, Ontario

  3. If you want to clean the cookies make sure the Cookies is ticked under Internet Explorer.


    When you run CC doesn't bother with an Analyze this could take a long time just do a Clean. In Options\Advanced just remove the checkmark of Only delete files in Windows Temp folders older than 48 hours. On Win98SE everything needs deleting. On my system I have a line in my Autoexec.bat file that deletes all files in Windows\Temp folder on startup.


    Well, Cookies ticked, >48hours unticked, tried Analyze, no go, tried Clean, more "no go." Actually, running CC, it suggested to d/l the newer version, which I did.


    If you do a Registry clean always make sure you have the Show prompt to backup Registry issues in Options\Advanced checked and save the backup somewhere just in case something doesn't work as it should do.




    I'm going to bet you that you have more apps running in the background that you can't see. Startup your computer in normal mode and when you can only see your desktop do a CTRL+ALT+DEL and make a list of all programs showing in Task Manager and post them here. How many icons are showing in the systray? (by the clock)


    Tray has the clock, NetMedic (old benign prog to show download speed, site connection health, etc), Syshook, Teatimer, Directcd, Loadqm, Atiptaxx, Stimon, Rundll32, Systray, Imgicon, Ashmaisv, Ashwebsv (I think the last two are for Avast AV prog).


    If you are sticking with this computer then I would suggest you get more memory inserted 128Kb is nothing today. I started my Win98SE 8 years ago with 256Kb, last year I bought 512Kb and this year I added one of my old 128Kb so I'm running 639Kb.


    I actually posted a Memory Checker app that I made on here but I can't find it anywhere. Thats because the search facility isn't very good. I know the words to search for Memory Checker but it shows any page with memory in and every page with checker in not combined. Thats made with VB6 so if your downloaded and installed Andavari's runtime files you will be alright. ;)


    Yes, low memory is not helping. I actually thought I had found some cheap, just received 2 sticks of PC133 512MB today, installed them, turned it on and got a single long beep that kept repeating itself. Took out one of the 512s, same result. Obviously a mismatch, so back to 128MB, working as before.


    Your little memchecker (quite cute, worked fine) says 0% resources free. "Available 130468MB, Free ~2000MB", it changes all by itself.


    So, sadly after all your suggestions, either it's the low memory that CC doesn't like, or there is still another problem. Thanks for your input, Keith.


    Any thoughts on where to go from here?




    Aage Johansen

    Aurora, Ontario


  4. Issue is that CCleaner failed to retrieve certain folders names like C:\windows\Prefetch (SHGetSpecialFolderPath api and friends). Try running regedit.exe and go to the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\WINDOWS\CURRENTVERSION\EXPLORER\SHELL FOLDERS key, look if the values on the right side appears or not. Some system files may be corrupted so try running sigverif to check them.


    This kind of problems normaly happens when you have multiple operating systems installed on seperated partitions like windows 98 on one partition, windows 2000 on another partition and windows xp on a third partition. You can try using an older version of CCleaner to see if it's running correctly or not.




    This PC only has one OS on it: Win98SE. I just did a re-install "over" the existing one on the weekend for other reasons. Fault ocurred before and after the re-install.


    "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\WINDOWS\CURRENTVERSION\EXPLORER\SHELL FOLDERS" is populated with values being all the various system and user folders on this PC.


    What in heck is "sigverif" supposed to fix? It looks for "unsigned files", and of course on a computer first put in service in 2000, and using software as old as 1993, it found LOTS of "unsigned" items (including, for example, the swap file). Am I to make something of this? I'll not use it again, since it also wanted to run the install from MS Office 2000, and I don't need it to do that. :unsure:


    Thanks for the suggestions, but no go so far...

  5. Thanks! I'll give those a try!


    Well, I did all those steps, but still no joy. I updated Visual Basic, I deleted CCleaner, then reinstalled it, after carefully booting after every step all along the way, results are the same.


    In other words, while "Registry" runs fine, "Cleaner" still returns in 0.12 seconds proudly telling me there there is nothing to remove.


    I wonder if it's just that WinSE on a Pentium III 550 is a combo that just won't let CCleaner work properly? Still holding out hope that someone can give me the silver bullet to fix this, as this computer really needs the attic dusted and the basement swept out.


    Thanks again for trying though.




  6. I don't know if you need the Microsoft Visual Basic Runtime Files updated or not since the registry cleaning part of CCleaner is working, however it's one of the solutions for getting CCleaner to properly work. Microsoft Visual Basic Runtime Files are needed by many programs, and there's no harm in installing them. Note: Restart Windows if you install the Microsoft Visual Basic Runtime Files even if not prompted to restart.


    Other than that perhaps:

    1. Uninstall CCleaner

    2. Restart Windows.

    3. Download CCleaner from the official website located here.

    4. Install CCleaner.

    5. Restart Windows after installing CCleaner.


    Thanks! I'll give those a try!

  7. I suppose this isn't a really busy forum, since CClean is so easy to use, and the controls layout is totally logical. In fact, I woldn't have posted at all if I didn't have this problem.


    Anyway, I thought I would add that I tried selecting the folders I really wanted to clean, and still Cleaner won't start.


    I also put the "Portable" version on a thumb drive (USB drive) in the hopes that it would work for me from there, but still no joy.


    So, if anyone has another suggestion that I could try to get this working, I would be eternally grateful!


    And by the way, I think that CCleaner is s tremendous product!

  8. So, as I put in the title, my old Win98SE machine (a Pentium III 500 with 128 memory) won't run the "Clean" part of CC. I click on "analyze" and it immediately says "0" to remove. :(


    However, I ran the "Registry" part of it, and it took a TON of old crap off. :blink:


    I know I have old cookies and whatnot, because if I go into Options and click "Cookies", it find a whole pile of them, but they don't appear in the "Clean" part. :unsure:


    Any ideas?




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