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  1. Neither do I, but I don't care a toss: it works now! Well, just got back from nearly a month in Florida (see my tan? ) And it took a bit of back and forth to get the memory issue sorted with my vendor, due to my ordering the wrong item. Thankfully, he was patient and very clear in email, so I am quite pleased. 2x 512meg for $17.95 free delivery is incredible, isn't it? But I'll check with you first next time, Keith. Thanks for looking out for me.
  2. GREAT NEWS! First, allow me to thank all of those who offered help for me, especially PDKEM, whose suggestion that version 2.14.763 ran fine on his Win98SE machine. PDKEM, your remark was spot on the money! I now have CCLEANER working perfectly on my PIII550/Win98SE machine! I was also finally able to expand memory to the max for my motherboard, 512meg, and WHAT a difference in performance! From stumbling along with frequent crashes, the machine now gallops at quite a satisfactory speed and is very stable. I was able to return the 2x 1gig pieces (that didn't work) and got 2
  3. Well, Cookies ticked, >48hours unticked, tried Analyze, no go, tried Clean, more "no go." Actually, running CC, it suggested to d/l the newer version, which I did. Roger Tray has the clock, NetMedic (old benign prog to show download speed, site connection health, etc), Syshook, Teatimer, Directcd, Loadqm, Atiptaxx, Stimon, Rundll32, Systray, Imgicon, Ashmaisv, Ashwebsv (I think the last two are for Avast AV prog). Yes, low memory is not helping. I actually thought I had found some cheap, just received 2 sticks of PC133 512MB today, installed them, turned it on a
  4. Baki, This PC only has one OS on it: Win98SE. I just did a re-install "over" the existing one on the weekend for other reasons. Fault ocurred before and after the re-install. "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\WINDOWS\CURRENTVERSION\EXPLORER\SHELL FOLDERS" is populated with values being all the various system and user folders on this PC. What in heck is "sigverif" supposed to fix? It looks for "unsigned files", and of course on a computer first put in service in 2000, and using software as old as 1993, it found LOTS of "unsigned" items (including, for example, the swap file).
  5. Well, I did all those steps, but still no joy. I updated Visual Basic, I deleted CCleaner, then reinstalled it, after carefully booting after every step all along the way, results are the same. In other words, while "Registry" runs fine, "Cleaner" still returns in 0.12 seconds proudly telling me there there is nothing to remove. I wonder if it's just that WinSE on a Pentium III 550 is a combo that just won't let CCleaner work properly? Still holding out hope that someone can give me the silver bullet to fix this, as this computer really needs the attic dusted and the basement swept o
  6. I suppose this isn't a really busy forum, since CClean is so easy to use, and the controls layout is totally logical. In fact, I woldn't have posted at all if I didn't have this problem. Anyway, I thought I would add that I tried selecting the folders I really wanted to clean, and still Cleaner won't start. I also put the "Portable" version on a thumb drive (USB drive) in the hopes that it would work for me from there, but still no joy. So, if anyone has another suggestion that I could try to get this working, I would be eternally grateful! And by the way, I think that CClea
  7. Jeepers, sorry for all the typos! I really can speak and write English, just that I suppose I lean on spellcheckers too much.
  8. So, as I put in the title, my old Win98SE machine (a Pentium III 500 with 128 memory) won't run the "Clean" part of CC. I click on "analyze" and it immediately says "0" to remove. However, I ran the "Registry" part of it, and it took a TON of old crap off. I know I have old cookies and whatnot, because if I go into Options and click "Cookies", it find a whole pile of them, but they don't appear in the "Clean" part. Any ideas? Thanks, Aage
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