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  1. Correct, I dont want others touching my password protected portion
  2. ................................................................................ ................ I Do This: o Start a command prompt with start, run, cmd.exe o Right Click Paste into the command prompt window this----> move "%userprofile%\desktop\ccleaner.lnk" "%allusersprofile%\desktop"
  3. i am on the latest version of firefox and use ie#7 and want to mention- ccleaner is not deleting firefox cookies, I am on XP sp3 I had to go into firefox and select clear private data , then i went back to ccleaner and cookies were gone so i solved this issue myself and wanted to share with forum Kind regards
  4. Can only do one account at a time so.... 1. Start a command prompt ( start, run, cmd.exe ) 2. Paste into the command prompt window with the following move "%userprofile%\desktop\ccleaner.lnk" "%allusersprofile%\desktop"
  5. Perfect thanks :-) Indexing was active on 2 of my computers, creating the issue for me
  6. Thanks, Indexing was active on 2 of my computers,creating the same issue for me
  7. Often after running CCleaner,....when I attempt to shut down or restart two of the computers with XP SP3 , I get the message "Windows is currently in the middle of a long operation. Either wait for it to finish or cancel it before you quit Windows". I see nothing running in the task manager . My current work-around is to switch to a different User Name and select restart or shutdown from that User Name http://forums.majorgeeks.com/showthread.ph...251#post1204251
  8. Removed pic upload not working properly sorry
  9. I have been following your Tip since November 14 .and all is OK great. --------------------------------------------------------- But since CCleaner has Now updated to 136.430 , do I continue " unchecking index.dat in ccleaner." ? Or has the cookie issue been resolved?
  10. Thanks for the information- I'm one of those user on ie7 having the cookie issue But What is the Autocomplete issue? I was not aware...........
  11. Is this the reason? http://forum.ccleaner.com/index.php?showtopic=6981 JonPaulOnLine .
  12. After I installed IE7,I noticed my cookies ( after a PC Restart)were not associated with the sites I always visit ,and I was having to always'Logon"-with my User name and password to enter forum's after changing over to IE #7, Has anyone attempted to change the Control Panel Privacy to not use the Microsoft default?
  13. Very Nice - Perfect- cool I just took a look Wow thanks again ;-) I'm going to read it closely now - -
  14. Yes it does "delete" But I requested to 'Un-check' ,because we sometimes want to go back days or months later and place that check mark back on the program to startUp
  15. Would be nice to have a feature to un-Check some programs in Start-Up These are the programs that appear in the Msconfig screen and also appear in the Tray near our computer time/clock
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