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  1. it's sorted now - i did as alan suggested - a little different though installed the beta - then completely removed it unfortunately it wiped out my bookmarks etc i have an old backup that will be good enough thanks for the help - CCleaner is removing nothing after 1 clean now
  2. that makes sense Alan - but i'm not sure if this is the problem - since even old versions of CCleaner before didn't show this problem and i was using the beta then too i've searched google chrome which i also used (only for like an hour) it must be from firefox or the beta to be showing this many cookies still installing the beta and clearing cookies etc with that sounds like a sensible idea i'll try it thanks for the replies
  3. mm there are quite a few programs that will get rid of cookies - CCleaner being one of them i just need to find the root cause of where all these cookies info is being retrieved from - since CCleaner seems to be reading this info and showing it every time i click 'clean'. i'm also getting logged out of certain forums - not sure if that's a CCleaner problem though my cookies to keep are all correct it just keeps showing 0bytes removed (followed by a very long list of cookies) every time i click clean i'll try restart again - maybe it'll 'free' some files any other ideas? - i might try another cleaner app - and see what happens
  4. hey, thanks for the quick reply only browser showing on applications is firefox - and everything is ticked for that i searched cookies under vista search - it found a folder 'cookies' - that was hidden - it won't let me access it even though i'm an administrator so i deleted it - now i'll close firefox to see if it works nice to see CCleaner cleaning even deeper! edit mm another search for cookies shows up more files (sqlite journal?) - i'll check the txt files and remove those and see what happens it seems the sqlite is just a backup i have of a profile for firefox - but i've got rid of the txt cookie files still the same problem :-/
  5. hey guys i've been using CCleaner for a very long time with no problems whatsoever i had to go away leaving my pc for a month - when i got back i ran a clean and it cleared the standard stuff i always run a clean after i've just run one (don't know why) - but it's a good job i did - for some reason a whole load of cookies showed up - for sites that i've accessed whenever i press clean it shows these list of cookies 'removed cookie: xyz etc' i was running a firefox beta when this happened - i uninstalled and used firefox latest stable - same problem i updated CCleaner to 2.15 (latest) - same problem, also completely removed CCleaner - then reinstalled - same problem trying to find where cookies are stored so i can delete them manually but it isn't there i don't know what's wrong - it basically keeps deleting the same cookies clean after clean and shows 0kb removed - i've also tried using firefox's cleaner to delete all temp files etc - but it still stays there it's like they're embedded somewhere - and CCleaner is getting the cookie info incorrectly or something :S any help? many thanks! PPV
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