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  1. Yes I see your point but it is a spyware and cookie eraser and system32 virus is a spyware and besides I found out how to delete it but it comes right back.
  2. It might be because you have another system cleaner that is blocking CCleaner such as Firewall, Norton360, McAfee, or virus infected cleaners such as FinallyFast, PC Confidential, or WinSpyware. The other reason may be because your computer is set to Max Protection where it won't allow you to install Anything!!!
  3. I've come across this problem several times and it's keeping my computer slow. This virus came up a while ago and it won't go away. I analyze for cookies and bugs and a system32 virus comes up. It is 5.00 MB. After that I go to clean the viruses and it seems like it goes away but I go to analyze the PC again and the system32 virus comes up again. I did this several times and it won't go away. By The Way if you could do this, could you upgrade the CCleaner to delete System32 viruses?
  4. You open Registry and click off the problems you want to find. after that click the button that says "Scan For Issues" and it will search for them. after it finds at least 1 click the button that says "Fix Selected Issues" and a screen will pop up asking if you want to back up changes to the registry. I say no but if you want to say yes go ahead. then click a button that says "Fix Issue" or "Fix All Issues" and your problems will be fixed.
  5. Then this means that there was a windows log file in a zone in the harddrive where it was'nt supposed to be.
  6. does anybody know when they will release CCleaner 2.16. I really like this product because when I got it my computer went from vey slow to very fast.
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