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  1. I have Dell desktop, Win10 and Firefox browser. Hi, I'm sorry I don't see any general problems thread, everything seems to be specific so I just posted here. But I'm looking for a general community support to see if someone can help me. The problem: I used to have the ccleaner free but now decided to try the Professional ccleaner and thought I'd get first a trial. I went through the steps and as I was going to comploete the installation, etc. a popup says something like: "Your Professional Ccleaner trial has ended". It's hilarious isn't it? But I'm reasonable (and not laughing)
  2. I have W10, Firefox Browser, WLMail client. Kindly let me know how to stop a ccleaner popup telling about closing or cleaning my browser! It's terribly annoying as it appears many times a day. Thanks ever so much!
  3. [i have: MS WinXP Home 2002 - SP3; OE 6; IE 8; MS Office Pro; Avast Free; Dell Dimension XPS T448MHz Pentium III; 640 MB RAM; high speed cable; Windows Media Player; Adobe Reader 9.3.3; Adobe Flash Player 10 Activex..] Hello Hazelnut (love your nickname) and I ask you and the others here to please forgive my intrusion, but perhaps you could help me to STOP altogether the Erunt Autobackup? I don't mind the space it takes, what I do mind a lot is that each time I turn on the computer it takes forever. As it is, being a VERY old computer, it takes too long for everything, but, since I have
  4. Oh YES!!! Thank you a hundred times! I didn't realize there was dropdown list on top, so I could finally do that blessed "copy and paste" and send it to my friend! My face is totally red...but I'm gratefully happy! Adela P.S. It seems the system failed to notify me for some reason, so out of desperation I decided to come and see, and was elated to find your final instructions right on target. HAPPY EASTER - HAPPY PASSOVER!
  5. Oh I understand now, but it doesn't let me copy & paste the list. Or do you mean to copy that name: "history.txt"? I tried but it doesn't let me paste it on, either... I'm sorry, but could you tell me this mystery of how to copy & paste that list please? Thanks so much again! Adela P.S. I think this hi tech is going to finish me!
  6. Oh thank you so much, rridgely! I finally found it. For the last 2 entire days I kept clicking on the regular Tools and other places I was hoping I'd find it. You're the only one who explained it in a way that my little dummy head could get it! LOL! May I ask one last question to complete my goal: In order to get the log so that someone where I asked before could analyze and tell me what's safe to delete, do I have to re-install the CCleaner and run it again? Or the fact that I have it already installed is sufficien to just go to "Save to Text File"? I guess you can tell that my
  7. Hello, someone kindly help me so I can go to "Tools", then "Uninstall" and THEN to "Save to Text File". I tried and found that "Tools" doesn't have the optiion of "Uninstall". But then, I don't know on which page is this Tools that has the option of Uninstall... My original intent is to install the CCleaner (I did this much), then go to Tools, Uninstall, and click on "save to text file", and then someone told me to help me determine which items can be removed. All I need at this junction, is to get to the first steps. Thanks so very much! Adela
  8. (I have Win98se, OE 6.0, IE 6.0, Dell Dimension XPS T450MHz Pentium III) Hello, I have 2 questions please? Thanks! (1) Would you know why the CCleaner icon on my desktop won't open when I double click? Also when I right click, it lets me open the "Properties", and the "QuickView" but not the "Open". In the "QuickView" it says it works with Win95 and TN, so since I have Win98 could THIS be the reason? I tried to reinstall it, but the other CCleaner icon is a yellow folder and double clicking on it ...it shows me 14 other icons instead of letting me reinstall it... (2) I be
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