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  1. Ok so if I use it with another user account it will clear their files up? But on Vista CCleaner needs administrator privileges to run. So won't it just be cleaning the admin account then if I run it in another user account with admin rights?
  2. Hey. So does CCleaner clean out the same stuff on other user accounts that it does on the admin account? Just wondering. If it doesn't I hope it gets added soon as a feature. Thanks.
  3. Ah I see. Didn't understand what he meant when he said that it was for "Include". And I guess then I'm not the only one which Window Size/Location Cache doesn't work properly for.
  4. I decided to try again to give you more info. I used those cleaning options again and I've noted which folders have their sizes and locations reset to default, and which don't: Pictures and Documents go back to default. Music, Computer, [user folder], Control Panel, etc. don't go back to default. So that's what works and what doesn't work with "Window Size/Location Cache". Now onto the "Custom Files and Folders" cleaning option: As far as I can see it didn't do anything this time round. Column widths and View type (details, icons, etc.) I don't think changed in the slightes
  5. Hey. I have Vista Home Premium SP1 and when I use the "Window Size/Location Cache" and "Custom Folder" cleaning options my windows and folders remain exactly the same. I could have sworn it worked in the past, although maybe it's because most of my folders were following default settings that I didn't notice these options not working. So does anyone else have this problem with Vista? Are these cleaning options supposed to work with Vista?
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