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  1. i hope your problem will resolve asap martheret
  2. i thing its better in next update there are features for update direct to server... is it possible ?
  3. ill test this one.. thanks a lot btw thanks a lot Andavari
  4. thanks a lot ... i got same problem today Clear information
  5. i have opened this thread to let know more about ads at yahoo right media because i have thing that this forum going to display such ads... but when i have finsih read a thread starter post... its make me laugh lol
  6. thanks MrG... nice one there...
  7. sounds fun! Is it possible Piriform have made store to sale shirt, bags, or sticker maybe ?
  8. thanks Mate... I will try Deflager now In some PC of my client need deflager i thing.. So i just browse and find someting related with Deflager... I hope its not go wrong here regards.
  9. for sure its not work in my Vista 64-bit... anyone have some problem with me ?
  10. more details to scan... more lightly... i love to use this new version.. thanks a lot MR.G
  11. 1. clean 2. lightly 3. web 2.0 colors very good for my eyes... thanks btw for your soft and free service... Regards.
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