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  1. Hello... just sliding in with my own comments. Still using v5.40.6411 on Windows 7. Thought I'd check the forum before I updated since I've had some issues in the past. Glad I did! I think I will stay with my current version for now. Also, I've been using Avast free AntiV for some time now. This whole debacle now has me wondering if I should also find an alternative Antivirus program. Seems to me that Avast are the ones whose trust is in question. After scooping up their competitor AVG and now Piriform, it appears that having a much larger database of users to sell their merchandise to is more important than actually delivering a product that is supposed to protect the user from the very behavior that they are pursuing. It's an interesting conundrum. Learn the techniques of the spyware you blacklist, only to try using those tactics yourself in a skillfully crafted manner against a long-time loyal customer base which is almost akin to a "cult" status. This is a huge breach of trust IMO. For those wanting to check out alternatives, Google [removed] Found this site a couple days ago.
  2. Yahoo! Problem seems to be solved. Looks like Internet Explorer More* was the setting that caused my issue. As for parsing the winapp2.ini, I generally use the trim.bat file to do this. I am wondering though if I should maybe trim the ccleaner.ini file as well. This one is generated from CC itself and has many software entries listed that I don't really need.
  3. Thanks for the responses. Okay we are narrowing it down. Definitely an issue with Winapp2.ini. The file I posted was not this - it was ccleaner.ini in the same directory. Anyway, I downloaded the portable version as Andavari suggested. It ran without the issues described. Then I copied the ccleaner.ini which is posted above into the portable directory. Again no issues. Then putting the Winapp2.ini in the directory - the issues come back again. I know that Piriform does not support winapp2.ini. If I cannot figure out which settings are causing this, I will ask for help in that thread. Anyway, thank you all for the help here. Would not have thought to do that since the older CC v.5.22.5724 works fine with the same two ini files.
  4. Been almost a year and many versions later. Have not updated CC v.5.22.5724 until today when I thought I'd try the latest version hoping that my issues had been solved. They have not! Even though I leave ALL checkboxes unticked for Internet Explorer, it still deletes all IE Cookies as well as the Internet History. It does not honor the cookies I want to keep nor does it respect that History is not to be touched. I can re-import the Cookies easily enough but I like to keep History for 30 days. This is not retrievable by any means I am aware of. The standard reply I was getting back last Nov/Dec was that Microsoft had changed the way they handle cookies and Internet cache. Okay fine. But why does v.5.22.5724 still work? Have used CC for years and always loved the program. And even though I don't need the extra features of the paid version I would gladly purchase this if the program worked as advertised. My way of saying thanks I guess. Running Windows 7 64 bit. _______________________________ this is ccleaner.ini if it may be helpful. [Options] Language=1033 SkipUAC=1 UpdateKey=11/03/2017 03:43:04 AM WipeFreeSpaceDrives=C:\ CookiesToSave=4shared.com|accounts.google.com|accounts.pandasecurity.com|accounts.pandasecurity.com/web/account|accounts.youtube.com|apis.google.com|avast.com|bittorrent.com|bleepingcomputer.com|ca-mg5.mail.yahoo.com|ca.yahoo.com|christianaudio.com|cloud2.zoolz.com|cnet.com|dashboard.opendns.com|demonoid.pw|dev.flurry.com|deviantart.com|dl4all.com|dnoid.me|docs.google.com|downarchive.com|download.cnet.com|drive.google.com|experts-exchange.com|facebook.com|forum.avast.com|forum.demonoid.ph|forum.piriform.com|forum.utorrent.com|forums.malwarebytes.com|forums.malwarebytes.org|forums.spybot.info|forums.techguy.org|forums.whatthetech.com|geekstogo.com|geekstogo.com/forum|gettyimages.ca|gettyimages.com|google.ca|google.com|google.com/a|google.com/apps|google.com/intl|google.com/intl/en/drive|google.com/intx|google.com/settings|google.com/verify|google.com/work|google.com/work/apps/business|help.utorrent.com|helpdesk.malwarebytes.org|history.google.com|kerish.org|khouse.org|live.com|login.live.com|login.opendns.com|login.yahoo.com|mail.google.com|mail.google.com/mail|mail.google.com/mail/u/0|mail.yahoo.com|mail.yahoo.com/neo|malwarebytes.com|malwarebytes.org|malwaretips.com|mediafire.com|microsoft.com|my.avast.com|my.sanet.me|my.yahoo.com|opendns.com|pandasecurity.com|pandasecurity.com/canada-eng|passport.yandex.com|paypal.com|pcfinancial.ca|piriform.com|plus.google.com|reddit.com|sceneaccess.eu|secure.experts-exchange.com|sevenforums.com|singerscreations.com|softarchive.net|superstore.wnd.com|support.pandasecurity.com|techguy.org|techsupportalert.com|thepiratebay.se|theviperfiles.com|tinypic.com|tomsguide.com|tomshardware.co.uk|tomshardware.com|torrenting.com|torrentzilla.org|twitter.com|utorrent.com|virustotal.com|warez-bb.org|whatthetech.com|wilderssecurity.com|windowssecrets.com|wp.wnd.com|wp.wnd.com/wp-admin|wp.wnd.com/wp-content/plugins|wunderground.com|www.4shared.com|www.avast.com|www.avira.com|www.bleepingcomputer.com|www.bleepingcomputer.com/download|www.bleepingcomputer.com/tutorials|www.demonoid.pw|www.experts-exchange.com|www.facebook.com|www.geekstogo.com|www.google.ca|www.google.com|www.malwarebytes.org|www.opendns.com|www.pandasecurity.com|www.paypal.com|www.pinterest.com|www.piriform.com|www.reddit.com|www.safer-networking.org|www.sevenforums.com|www.softperfect.com/board|www.techsupportalert.com|www.tomshardware.com|www.topsoftbargains.com|www.torrenting.com|www.truenudists.com|www.txn.banking.pcfinancial.ca|www.utorrent.com|www.virustotal.com|www.warez-bb.org|www.wilderssecurity.com|www.wunderground.com|www.youtube.com|yahoo.com|youtube.com|yts.ag RunICS=0 WINDOW_LEFT=241 WINDOW_TOP=94 (App)Temporary Internet Files=False (App)History=False (App)Recently Typed URLs=False (App)Delete Index.dat files=False (App)Last Download Location=False WINDOW_WIDTH=1076 WINDOW_HEIGHT=831 WINDOW_MAX=0 UpdateKey=06/05/2016 11:14:29 PM (App)DNS Cache=True (App)Font Cache=False (App)Start Menu Shortcuts=True (App)Menu Order Cache=False (App)Tray Notifications Cache=False (App)Environment Path=True (App)User Assist History=False (App)IIS Log Files=True (App)Custom Folders=True SplitterPositionCleaner=234 (App)RegEdit=True SecureDeleteType=1 WipeAlternateDataStreams=1 WipeClusterTips=1 Include1=PATH|C:\Portable Apps\herdProtect\Scanner_Portable\Quarantine\|*.*|RECURSE|0|0|24 Exclude1=FILE|C:\Users\John\AppData\Local\Temp\|AutoWall.bmp|0|0|24 Exclude2=FILE|C:\Users\John\AppData\Local\Temp\|Files.awc|0|0|24 Exclude3=FILE|C:\Users\John\AppData\Local\Temp\|Maxdate.awc|0|0|24 DelayTemp=0 (App)Run (in Start Menu)=False (App)MalwareBytes Anti Malware More*=False (App)Malwarebytes Anti-Malware=True (App)MS Windows Game Statistics*=True (App)Windows Error Reporting=True (App)Desktop Shortcuts=True (App)Windows Event Logs=False (App)Old Prefetch data=True (App)Window Size/Location Cache=False (App)Adblock Backups*=True (App)Bookmark Backups*=True (App)Chatzilla*=True (App)Crash Reports*=True (App)Dump Files*=True (App)Firefox Console Log*=True (App)Firefox Corrupt SQLites*=True (App)Firefox Extensions Log*=True (App)Firefox HTML5 Storage*=False (App)Firefox Logs*=True (App)Firefox Minidumps*=True (App)Firefox Net Predictions*=True (App)Firefox Session Backups*=True (App)Firefox Startup Cache*=True (App)Firefox Telemetry*=True (App)Firefox TestPilot Error Logs*=True (App)Firefox Update Logs*=True (App)Firefox urlclassifier3.sqlite*=False (App)Firefox webappsstore.sqlite*=True (App)FlashGot*=True (App)Lazarus Saved Forms*=True (App)Lock Files*=True (App)Mozilla Maintenance Service Logs*=True (App)Mozilla Temps*=True (App)Mozilla Updates*=True (App)Mozilla - 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  5. jopa66

    desktop info

    Thanks anyway.
  6. jopa66

    desktop info

    What I'm looking for is a display that just sits on the desktop showing various system temps, maybe CPU usage, RAM usage etc.
  7. jopa66

    desktop info

    Anyone know a way to display the summary info on the desktop?
  8. Just gotta trust them Devs then, I guess. I do use IE (personal preference). As stated already the only thing I want CCleaner to touch is the cookies but leave my chosen keepers alone.
  9. I do certainly trust the Dev's here at Piriform. The point you make about Tom's post is kinda what I am also saying. If v5.22 works fine on Windows 7 then why can't they leave that routine alone and concentrate on the Windows 10 issues? I am going to stay with v5.22 unless and until I can be reasonably assured that upgrading will not cause issues for Windows 7 and IE11. edit: Just realized you mention "latest version of IE". Am I missing something? I thought IE 11 was as far as it goes for Windows 7. Then basically a name change to Edge in Windows 10.
  10. I am not running Windows 10. I do not have Edge. I have Windows 7 64bit with IE 11. If Microsoft made changes to their database for Edge on Windows 10, that is not my concern. As far as I can tell, no changes like this have been made in the Windows 7 environment. In my own case, the only thing I want CCleaner to clean in IE11 is cookies except for the ones I have chosen to keep. Temporary Internet files are stored on a virtual drive which gets wiped at each boot. I especially want to keep History for 30 days as specified in my browser. So the only thing I have checked under IE cleaning is cookies. Version 5.22 does exactly what I want it to do. Although if I do go to Options/Cookies it does ask me to close Internet Explorer. If I say NO – it then tells me that “Cookies for Microsoft Edge have been skipped due to an error.” If I cancel this window, it will then give me the lists of cookies to delete or keep and all goes well. Obviously I’m only going to go this route if I want to change the list of cookies I want to keep. Furthermore I expressed my concerns already in the thread you mentioned as well as a couple other threads. https://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=47334&p=278008 My concerns or comments have never been addressed and it seems that anyone else having issues is automatically pointed to this same lame excuse that it’s Microsoft’s fault. We are now up to version 5.25 and I see others are still having issues. I’m sure you can understand how hesitant I am to upgrade as I don’t want to lose the history again. It’s not my intention to sound demeaning in any way. I’m just wary and apprehensive of the current trend with CCleaner. I am not a programmer but, I’m sure the developers must be aware that Windows 7 and Windows 10 may need different routines to effectively accomplish the desired goals of the program. I like CCleaner and want to continue to use it. And like many other users, I have chosen to stay with Windows 7. So I guess the real question is whether I have reached the end of the upgrade path of CCleaner? I would welcome some form of response such as: “It’s fixed.” or “Still working on it.” or even “Sorry, I guess you are SOL.”
  11. Agreed. version 5.22 works fine on Windows 7 with IE 11. I suspect the requirement to close IE has something to do with Windows 10 and the Edge browser. Somehow CCleaner needs to be aware of what OS it is installed on. As I have not yet been perverted er... converted to Windows 10, I have not tested on that OS.
  12. It was NOT fixed. See my previous post in this thread. https://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=47334
  13. Think I'm gonna wait and see. How can such a great program become so unreliable?
  14. Just installed v5.24 and the IE cookie issue is not fixed. First time running the app, all the cookies I have selected to keep are still in the cookie folder. However, IE will not recognize them. I need to re-sign in to all sites, whereupon a new cookie is added to the folder. Running Ccleaner again deleted everything in the cookie folder including the new cookies. Re-importing all the desired cookies just repeats the same scenario. I did make sure that IE was not running at the time. Furthermore, all IE history was deleted as well, which is something I have not selected to happen. I do like to keep 30 days history as I often use this to return to previous sites. Now I have lost all reference to visited websites. (The drop down history is not affected.) and before someone suggests system restore - NO this does not restore IE history. This is the same issue I had with v5.23. Once again I have re-installed v5.22 which does perform as expected. Am I to assume that Ccleaner is no longer compatible with Windows 7 and IE 11? Don't see a way to attach files to this post but, I can copy/paste the ccleaner.ini file if that would be helpful.
  15. Just installed v5.23.5808. System is Windows 7 64bit with IE11. Have set Ccleaner to keep certain cookies on the system. Have observed two separate phenomena. 1) After running the app IE will no longer "see" the cookies which are in the cookie folder. C:\Users\John\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Cookies. It is necessary to delete them all and re-import from saved file. 2) Sometimes, Ccleaner just deletes them all anyway regardless of the ones I want to keep. I have reverted back to v5.22.5724 which performs as expected.
  16. FWIW - I got trim.bat to work again. Uninstalled Ccleaner and reinstalled. Mission accomplished.
  17. Yup. Did that. As I am only one on this machine UAC has been turned off for some time. Right click, runas administrator still gives no joy. I do remember not too long ago removing the Ccleaner task from the Task Manager. I created a new task but, maybe the parameters are incorrect? Can someone advise proper setup for this?
  18. Hi... trim.bat has stopped working for me. I realize the version of winapp2.ini is a little behind the times but, I've installed some softwares and uninstalled others since the latest iteration and was just trying to re-customized the winapp2 file to more accurately reflect my current setup. Upon re-downloading the latest winapp2 file from the website, I am encountering an impasse when trying to accomplish my mission. http://i64.tinypic.com/4raqzr.jpg
  19. Just an observation in regards to Revo Uninstaller. Revo creates registry backups of uninstalled apps. I personally do not need these and manually delete them. There is an entry in Winapp2.ini to remove Revo's backups but, it does not do as I expect it to do. The registry backups are NOT deleted with this entry. What IS deleted in the database file that Revo uses to analyze the programs to be deleted. Perhaps I'm misunderstanding what this entry is supposed to do - perhaps it's an error. Have instructed CCleaner to ignore this file (rupilogs.rupldb ) but, then the whole thing is redundant as nothing else gets deleted that I can see. Analysis Complete - (2.677 secs) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4.85 MB to be removed. (Approximate size) Secure file deletion enabled - Simple Overwrite (1 pass) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Details of files to be deleted (Note: No files have been deleted yet) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ System - Temporary Files 1,099 KB 1 files Utilities - Revo Uninstaller Backups* 3,864 KB 1 files Windows - Cached Certification Files* 5 KB 8 files ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C:\Program Files\VS Revo Group\Revo Uninstaller Pro\rupilogs.rupldb 3,864 KB
  20. Maybe we should have a "Don't Like" button.
  21. Sigh. Another iteration of the program... with this annoyance firmly entrenched.
  22. Would like to repeat a suggestion I made over a year ago. "In "List View" is there a way to make Recuva remember the preferred column size after restart? It is easy to re-size the columns but, a pain to have to do it each time." I do not need to see the columns "State" or "Comments". The green, yellow or red buttons do that already. I prefer to resize the "Filename" and/or "Path" columns but, my preference is never retained even after changing views. This is obviously not a priority issue to the developers but would certainly relieve a bit of aggravation for me and maybe some other users.
  23. In "List View" is there a way to make Recuva remember the preferred column size after restart? It is easy to re-size the columns but, a pain to have to do it each time.
  24. After scanning hard drive for deleted files, this file continually shows up. The file is unimportant and I do not need to recover it, although I can easily do so with Recuva and the recovered file is 11KB in size. It is intact and openable. The name of the file is: Outlook Express emails.zip and is simply a WinRar archive of the default OE folders. My querry is that I would rather just never see this again and would like to eliminate it once and for all. Recuva will not securely delete the file - giving the error as in the title of this message. ie: Size - unknown Status - Not overwritten - Unable to overwrite special file type. Have used other tools, namely: Restoration and EasyRecovery, both of which cannot even find this file. Have also tried wiping free space with Eraser and Restoration but file still appears in Recuva. And, since I originally restored to a separate hard drive, the file is now "stuck" on both drive C: and drive D: Have run Recuva is debug mode. Log is as follows: 61KQTlRGUyAgICAAAggAAAAAAAAA+AAAPwD/AD8AAAAAAAAAgACAAOvt4QQAAAAAoBQ0AAAAAABa rDoAAAAAAPYAAAABAAAAD5pfvLBfvIYAAAAA+jPAjtC8AHz7uMAHjtjoFgC4AA2OwDPbxgYOABDo UwBoAA1oagLLihYkALQIzRNzBbn//4rxZg+2xkBmD7bRgOI/9+KGzcDtBkFmD7fJZvfhZqMgAMO0 QbuqVYoWJADNE3IPgftVqnUJ9sEBdAT+BhQAw2ZgHgZmoRAAZgMGHABmOwYgAA+COgAeZmoAZlAG U2ZoEAABAIA+FAAAD4UMAOiz/4A+FAAAD4RhALRCihYkABYfi/TNE2ZYWwdmWGZYH+stZjPSZg+3 DhgAZvfx/sKKymaL0GbB6hD3NhoAhtaKFiQAiujA5AYKzLgBAs0TD4IZAIzABSAAjsBm/wYQAP8O DgAPhW//Bx9mYcOg+AHoCQCg+wHoAwD76/60AYvwrDwAdAm0DrsHAM0Q6/LDDQpBIGRpc2sgcmVh ZCBlcnJvciBvY2N1cnJlZAANCk5UTERSIGlzIG1pc3NpbmcADQpOVExEUiBpcyBjb21wcmVzc2Vk AA0KUHJlc3MgQ3RybCtBbHQrRGVsIHRvIHJlc3RhcnQNCgAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAg6CzyQAAVao= [2009-11-04 11:20:22] [iNFO ] Reading MFT [2009-11-04 11:20:22] [iNFO ] Reading files [2009-11-04 11:20:24] [iNFO ] Building folders [2009-11-04 11:20:24] [iNFO ] Restoring tree [2009-11-04 11:20:24] [iNFO ] Analyzing damage [2009-11-04 11:20:24] [iNFO ] 5941 deleted files, 40641 filesystem objects [2009-11-04 11:20:24] [iNFO ] Processing deleted emails [2009-11-04 11:20:25] [iNFO ] Processing recycle bin [2009-11-04 11:20:25] [iNFO ] Returning list [2009-11-04 11:20:25] [iNFO ] 806 / 2553 [2009-11-04 11:20:25] [iNFO ] Exiting scan [2009-11-04 11:20:29] [ERROR] Not a PNG file [2009-11-04 11:20:29] [ERROR] jpg error [2009-11-04 11:20:56] [ERROR] Recuva exception: MboxFileRecordImpl.cpp(99) : Unable to overwrite special file type (0x000000b5) [2009-11-04 11:20:56] [ERROR] Not a PNG file [2009-11-04 11:20:56] [ERROR] jpg error
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