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  1. I think it would be great if it didn't use so much of my systems resources... MS Disk Defrag takes 50 ~ 100MB's Auslogics Defrag takes 100 ~ 150MB's Defraggler Defrag takes 1.2 ~ 1.6GB's I think in terms of the best defragger per MB Auslogic is the best UI because it gives Verbose info on what its doing.... Performance wise MS Defrag is the best. Options wise Defraggler... I think you need to look at and optimize your code a bit and better verbose info and logging...
  2. I like the idea of being able to see the percentage complete on the taskbar rather then having to open it up to check... Furthermore I feel being as how this is a closed source project using open source code leaves a legal gap in terms of the GPL. I noticed your accepting logs in your spyware hell forum. Just wondering if this has a specific purpose like possibly a new project... By the way I love your programs i thing they are a great contribution to the net. So keep up the good work and Happy New Year.
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