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  1. Thanks for the information.
  2. Is Active Monitoring and Cleaning triggered when a computer is restarted as distinct from when the computer is booted?
  3. The errors have stopped here so it looks like the bug was fixed in the last update.
  4. The time remainly to complete is hopelessly inaccurate.
  5. You can only achieve % fragmentation if you disable system restore, hibernation and stop your anti-virus from creating log files!
  6. You're telling me only what is obvious as regards the first two items in the list. Surely this forum is for suggestions on how to improve Defraggler. The ability to defragment these files would substantially improve user control over fragmentation.
  7. Certain files are not defragmented namely: System Volume Information Hiberfil.sys Anti-virus log files. The first two categories results in considerable fragmentation of free disk leading to the early onset of fragmentation. Why can't a method be devised to resolve this problem.
  8. I ran Defraggler and found it left a fragmented restore point. Having used the Microsoft Disk Defragmenter in Windows XP a lot I was a little surprised. I decided to create a System Restore point and then ran Disk CleanUp to remove all but the latest restore point. Ran Defraggler and there were no files listed as fragmented. I am not sure that the fragmented files list is 100% correct. It does not list the MFT, which is normally in 2 or 3 fragments. Notwithstanding Defraggler impresses. One feature in Vista I find unhelpful is that the Disk Defragmenter provides little information and th
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