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  1. Thanks Nergal. I won't turn off UAC but, I DO think CCleaner DESERVES immunity. Some antispyware loads and runs just fine. I'll just clean the 2 laptops in question myself, manually. Thank you for reading my post.
  2. I'm a LONG time CCleaner fan and user. Recently added 2 laptops to the family running Vista OS. UAC is frustrating to say the least in the sense that it doesn't recognize CCleaner as a legitimate, worthy and worthwhile program! It forces "permission" every time whether AutoRun is used on Start-up OR Shut-down. (The two new laptop users aren't interested in cleaning) HELP! Is there a convenient way or ANY way to elevate CCleaner's status. A workaround? I searched through the forum but, didn't see anything I understood. Thank you! (I'm an "intermediate" user but, have been into the Task Manager and am used to right click menus. I am logged on as Administrator, still UAC interferes.... etc. etc.)
  3. I've got a new DELL that came with VISTA premium. I'm trying to set up CCleaner to run at Windows start-up. I get a message box requiring "permission" to run. It's apparently under "User Account Control". **How do I TELL Vista that it's OK to run CC without permission but, leave the Vista security feature untouched otherwise? (I know I can turn "User Account Control" OFF but, would rather leave it on.** This topic may have been covered but, I didn't see it. THANKS!!
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