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    I am a right winged conservative. Too ornery and set in my ways to be attached, and very out spoken to suit most. Prefer my dogs (English Setters) for company.
  1. kaywarner

    CA antivirus

    God Bless you sir. That seems to have done the trick. I have spent hours reading and trying to follow instructions that all sound greek being semi computer illiterate. Do you think the Avira Antivir P is suitable to replace the CA with?? Also, how do you guys get the cute little pictures for your profiles?? Anything I try to download fr my computer doesn't work.
  2. kaywarner

    CA antivirus

    I am currently scanning w/ Avira Antivir. In the removing Malware it said for 2A: Step 2A is for people who fit into the following category: - Your antivirus program is expired. (you have to uninstall it before starting the guide) There in lies the problem. Can't find HOW to UNINSTALL CA Antivirus. I have downloaded the suggested & am running the scan, but still do not know how to uninstall. I have gone to my control panel and looked under remove programs, but DID NOT find CA Anti nor EZ whatever. Now what???
  3. kaywarner

    CA antivirus

    Did that. Not finding what I need to do. I am new to all this.
  4. kaywarner

    CA antivirus

    Screen pops up to tell me subscription expired. Click on to renew. Window shows up to tell me bad site. Don't know how to unistall. Limited computer knowledge. Need specific steps to remove.
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