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  1. Actually no Windows Defrag uses very old and recycled code from Executive software's Diskeeper, and I mean OLD. The Scan Disk you are thinking of is that error checking deal they had on Windows 95 and onward until NT stuff like Win2000 and XP. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ScanDisk
  2. How about a Defrag then shutdown option? It's something IOBit SmartDefrag has and I would love to see it in Defraggler. IOBit does it by having a checkbox in the main defrag status window, defraggler could do it in a context menu or whatever. The main reason I would like to see this feature is I like to start a defrag when i go to bed because it normally takes awhile what with my massive downloading and I like to have my system shutoff to save power and extend it's life and whatever good reason one can come up with. Please consider it and thanks!
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