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  1. munjo

    USB Drive

    problem solved... used a recovery tool on another machine
  2. munjo

    USB Drive

    login123 i guess ur right, well i tried it on winxp and win2000, flash disk is Transcend JetFlash and in terms of antivirus, both Norton and AVG r doing the same thing... Its creepy a day b4 all this everything was fine and suddenly its gone mad!
  3. munjo

    USB Drive

    Hi, Today i used my USB Drive in a computer to copy some files, when i started copying the files, the antivirus picked up all the folders i had on the drive as virus, and now all my folders have the .exe extension. I can not access my files at all. Please Help Regards
  4. WOW!!! Looks Brilliant... Congrats 4 the kool look....
  5. cd was working fine b4, do u think i should change the ide cable/?
  6. Hiya.... Oki i managed to do a format using a bootdisk frm 'bootdisk.com'. now there is another problem (not again i hear u say....) my bootable winxp doesnt want to boot... it gives an error cdr101 i suspect a jumper problem.... i've set the HDD to master and the CD Drive to Slave.... maybe i should play around with the combinations... any ideas?
  7. thanx both of u andavari the only problem is that it won't boot from the cd because it says that CD drivers aren't found. will let u know the progress
  8. Hi Guys, I seem to have run into a problem after formatting my windows xp. i've done it b4, but this is the 1st time i've had a problem. Oki so here is what happened. 1. I ran fdisk and then format c: 2. i booted from my boot disk, and from the menu i selected, start computer with cd-rom support. 3. i keep getting an error of invalid system disk, replace disk and press any key to continue. 4. also i noticed that MSCD001 was not found. I would appreciate help urgently. Best regards.
  9. thanx both of u, will let u know if it works on this thread
  10. Hi, I have an IP camera connected at work, and I have just created a website. Is it possible for me to broadcast the images shown on my website? any help would be appreciated. Regards
  11. Thanks guys 4 all ur advice.... yeah i have norton antivirus also installed on my comp... drinks up memory though..... any idea what i can do 2 get rid of Spam??? seems to b increasing day by day!
  12. Hi, I use Outlook Express to download my office mail. I uninstalled Norton Antispam, however, most of the mail that comes through, even though it is not spam, it is marked as spam. How to i fix this? Thanks.
  13. munjo

    portable apps

    wow! thanx hazelnut, these really do come in handy...
  14. Hi, I'd like to ask a few quesitons about Hide IP platinum. Please answer if u know. 1. How does it actually work and is it secure? 2. is it worth investing in? 3. is there a plugin fo firefox? 4. does it work with IE based browsers as well as IE such as Maxthon? THanx.
  15. munjo

    Browser Windows

    Hi, just a quick question when i'm surfing on firefox and ie at the same time, or just using another program and surfing, when a page in any of the browser loads or refreshes, the browser window automatically pops up, its a bit of a distraction.... how do i stop that? any ideas?
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