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    Secure Delete

    True CCleaner is great without this feature, but consider this. CCleaner, according to its own frontpage description, has as a main feature the ability to remove your internet and viewing history. So CCleaner is a tool to do this. It specifically targets those types of files and removes or cleans them. Eraser, and other similar programs, are designed to securely delete files and slack space. All of these stand-alone DOD compliant file erasers either erase a file you have specifically asked it to, or can spend hours cleaning the slack space, which is an all or nothing process. All
  2. int0x26

    Secure Delete

    First off, I love your program. I have it installed on every computer I use. Excellent work. I noticed on the contact page that you've begun work adding secure deletion to CCleaner. I was wondering how's that going and what methods are you planning on using? I ask because designing such a system is a pretty complex task and its scope is probally as large if not larger than the whole of CCleaner. Are you, or have you considered using some tested (and free) libraries such as Eraser? Thanks, int0x26
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