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  1. Hello! Just a quick question. When I click "Check for updates..." IE start and not my default webbrowser(Firefox). I would like CCleaner to do that. Cheers Christian
  2. Hello! I also have the same problem with installation. My antivirusprogram(Antivir) says that CCleaner has virus. Christian
  3. I agree aswell. Some of the traslation is terrible. Hope some one else can come up wit h a better one. I would do it my self if I had time and was good at spelling. /Christian
  4. Thanks for a great program. My suggestions. 1. Alphabetize Start menu & favorites menu (like Supercleaner( http://www.southbaypc.com ). 2. An option not to delete all files it find during a search, just to see how much space I can recover(like Supercleaner( http://www.southbaypc.com ). 3. An automatic update/patch function, similar like 'FMA ( http://fma.sourceforge.net ). 4. A simple systemmenu with information about the system, freespace, regfile size...... Good luck
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