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  1. Why not just throw the whole folder in the recycle bin? >_>
  2. Perhaps, I was thinking, since the main Cleaner already searches for and deletes other useless files, it could also delete these. They're completely useless and take up about a kilobyte each, and they get created whenever you view an image folder in Thumbnail or Slideshow mode, from the outside or inside, I believe.
  3. Moving your mouse gets annoying? What, do you use Tab to get around your computer with less annoyance? I don't think you do. I think you're just being lazy.
  4. ...Why not just drag your file to the recycle bin? CCleaner already deletes everything in there.
  5. It doesn't take that long to just click four more times. Once on "Clean selected", once on "Don't write changes to the registry", once on "Clean everything" unless there's only one issue, and once on "Yes". If there's only one issue, just click "Clean this issue" and it doesn't even give you a confirmation. You're just being lazy. >_>
  6. You guys say this is for the noobs, but any idiot can click "Yes" when it asks to update, and click twice on the website: Alternative Download, and the "download it now instead of waiting five seconds" link. This feature is completely unnecessary and would just be more work for Piriform that it doesn't need to do.
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