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    start up

    Hi guys Thanks for all your suggestions, the new version of CCleaner allows you to uninstall programmes and disable start up programmes too, i just didnt want to chance screwing it up. Have followed your instructions for xp msconfig and it seems to work fine Disabled some other stuff i dont use very often as well and just start it from the programmes list or desktop icons instead. Cheers again Dev
  2. Devonia68

    start up

    Hi all Can any1 tell me how to use the facility in CCleaner tools to stop certain programmes from starting automatically when my pc starts up. I dont want to uninstall them but i have a certain programme that i have unchecked box for auto start up but it still starts up anyway. Its another programme like this that i only want to use once or twice a week not everytime my pc reboots. Any help will be appreciated. Cheers Devonia68
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