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  1. This video is hilarious. My ribs still hurt from laughing. It's exactly how I see Mac fan boys. Warning there is some launguage that you won't want the kids to hear but it's so funny http://gizmodo.com/5578758/best-buy-wants-to-fire-employee-for-his-iphone-4-vs-htc-evo-video
  2. Anomaly

    Naughty Dell

    And Dell going to the corporate grave where they deserve to rot.
  3. Anomaly

    Naughty Dell

    A total boycott of all Dell products will put them in the corporate grave they deserve to be in. This is the least of what should happen. They should be criminally charged with stealing billions of dollars from customers who were knowingly sold faulty products.
  4. Anomaly

    Foxit Reader 4

    You people defending Foxit for their BS install procedure should give your heads a shake. Of course your right that most people don't pay attention but that doesn't make it right for douche bags like Foxit to take advantage and try to sneak absolute junk onto your machines. Blaming the lazy people just encourages scum like Foxit to keep pulling this crap. All the addon options should ALWAYS be opt in not opt out. They should not be checked by default they should be un checked by default. This latest attempt by Foxit has turned me off and I will most likely stop using it now. I don't see the point in using software from companies that act like malware. Yes trying to sneak garbage on my machine is acting like malware and should be treated like it. If more people spoke out against this type of thing these companies would see that it's not in their best interest to continue doing this underhanded crap.
  5. It's settled down for me to. Shows up when you use Flash or another plugin. It was well over a hundred for me plus the Firefox exe was also so I wasn't impressed. It seems to release the RAM though and drops down to an acceptable level.
  6. Same security patches. Go to the Firefox home page you will see 3.6.4 is the download. That is the current stable build.
  7. I use flash drives for that now.
  8. You showed a screen shot of the RAM usage for the plugin-container exe but did not show what the Firefox exe was using for RAM.
  9. 3.6.4 is not a beta version. It's the most recent stable version. 3.5.10 is an older version that they are still providing security updates for. It will be discontinued at some point in the near future. Mozilla always provides updates for older versions for a while after a new version comes out.
  10. Your RAM usage for the plugin-container is not bad at all. Mine goes over a hundred. What is your Firefox exe RAM usage? You sure have a crap load of processes running.
  11. Updated Firefox on one of my computers to 3.6.4. This update has the plugins running in a separate process. Looking at the RAM usage in Process Explorer I see that it has doubled. The process for the plugins is called "plugin-container.exe". It is just feasting on the RAM. I was afraid of this happening when I seen Mozilla being monkeys and following the turd browser Chrome. So now Firefox is officially a POS to me. I am going to start looking for a way to disable this useless feature. I don't get crashes on any browser except Chrome and that's the browser that's not supposed to crash because it runs everything in a separate process.
  12. The Vote. Ha Ha. You think you have a say with your vote? What do you have in the US a two party system? Some choice. Same crap different pile. You don't really have a choice. You flip flop between Republicans and Democrats. Both are absolute jerk offs. As for the Thomas Jefferson quote I would say the people definitely fear their government so you have tyranny.
  13. I strongly disagree. It's pure desire to control and dominate period. Goons will go as far as you let them. The problem is a spineless society. It's gone so far now that I don't believe there is a peaceful solution. There will need to be extreme acts of rebellion and violence to fix this. There is no way the government douche bags will back off on their own.
  14. You can all blame your selves for this BS. Most have bent over and taken what ever the government has shoved at you. Most governments are totally out of control and need to be "adjusted". If that Australian law goes through you and everybody else needs to take their computers and smash them over the head of the first government official that crosses your path. That law will be reversed fast I can guarantee you. Do you realize it's your moral obligation to destroy governments like this? It's your duty as a good citizen to wipe out evil governments. If you do nothing and let these crap bags roll over you and your fellow citizens you basically are betraying your country. Of course that won't happen. Most people will wine and bitch and than bend over like good little monkeys.
  15. The good thing is that Firefox users were all over this. The company did not get away with it. They were slammed in the extensions review section and not only that someone has created a new extension without the bloat crap.
  16. Why not just get the heck off Facebook. The CEO is a douche bag. I wouldn't trust that clown for anything
  17. Anomaly

    Flash player

    I haven't tried the new version of Flash as of yet. Too buggy. I will wait until it's stable before updating like I do with every other program I use. I'm not a lab rat so I don't rush and update every time one is released. I let the people who are suckers for punishment jump on to each and every update and bork their systems. Than when the bugs are worked out I update.
  18. Anomaly

    Flash player

    You are correct they are idiots. Most of their software is bloated crap but that is expected from idiots.
  19. I run sandboxed on Windows so I will update when the update is stable. I have lost count how many "critical security flaws" that have been reported over the years in programs I use or OS I use yet I never get malware. Smart use of the computer and avoiding internet garbage will go a long way to keeping your machine clean. The critical flaws are a big problem for the risky web surfers. I'm not saying to not patch your system but make sure the patch is stable and doesn't cause more problems than it supposed to prevent.
  20. Or just don't dive on every update that comes out right away. I always wait a while to see if the update is a problem.
  21. This is what I was afraid of happening and it is and will continue. These app stores are not awesome in any way. It's not awesome some moron can't be bothered to research a little and find a good app so now he has one place that him and his fellow morons can go to download. The app stores are not for their benefit. They are a way to nickel and dime you and the morons don't seem to mind. The Linux repositories are no way the same thing. They are a convenience not a vehicle to financially rape you. You are not locked in to them. They are there to make finding and installing software easier similar to the Firefox addon site. App stores are not there for your convince if they were you would not be locked into using them. They are there to screw you period. Unfortunately there are far too may idiots willing to be screwed and worse actually think it's good. It blows my mind how stupid many can be. They are embracing a system that nickel and dimes them, censors them, locks them down, and dumbs down computing. These are the same one brain celled monkeys that spill their guts on Facebook and have no concept of privacy. They think Facebook is great and it's the place to be so the monkeys all pile on without giving any thought to the bigger picture.
  22. Read it many times before. Doesn't change the facts. Mac's market share is higher than it's ever been and there is less malware for it than there was when it was much smaller in market share.Those facts are not disputable. Those vulnerabilities are not actual viruses or malware. In that area there is none that are known right now for Mac. Windows is in the hundreds of thousands. I wasn't the one that went off topic. Look closely I responded to your comments on security so maybe you should practice what you preach and stay on topic.
  23. You are not locked into the Windows Mobile app store. It's there to use but you don't have to. Even Windows desktop has an app store. These are not the app stores I'm referring to. I'm complaining about the app stores like the Apple one through iTunes. It's the only way to get programs on your device unless you jail break the device.
  24. Yes we need people like him but we shouldn't. There should be no need to hack your device that you paid for. The fact that it's necessary to do so just goes to prove my point about these stinking app stores. By the way did you know you are basically breaking the ULA of Mac by hacking the iPhone,iPod,IPad, or any Mac device. The guys running Mac OS X on a Windows machine are breaking the law. Go for it I say. I love my Mac but I want to break it over Steve Jobs head.
  25. That is totally incorrect info and something I hear from Windows users a lot. Macs market share is bigger today than it has ever been. Much bigger. Yet there is less malware than there has ever been for Macs. Before Mac OS X there was much more malware for Macs than there is today. Market share went way up with OS X and the number of malware went way down. That kills the theory about Mac not having Malware because of it's small market share. The fact is even if you get maleware on a Mac it doesn't do nearly the damage it does on Windows. There is no registry in a Mac so you don't get the system wide disaster you do in Windows. It's much harder to trash the Mac than Windows so the hackers don't get the big payoff.
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