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  1. Forgot to say I use the standalone (no installer) version. That may explain why. I tried a search in the registry but nothing, unless it's encoded? Sorry can't find where it's keeping the information.
  2. Weird CC is still not cleaning VLC after that much time it exist and evolve...
  3. I finally found the problem. It was Windows SideShow that was enabled and was keeping WMP running in the background. It's a known problem caused by a gadget from Logitech when using some of their keyboards. If you own a G15 or G19 give this a try! In Control Panel you can access Windows SideShow and enable/disable all gadgets related to WMP. Thanks all for your help!
  4. Both aren't checked... someone on Windows 7 just need to test it. On the other hand I'm the only one so I guess it's not an issue for many BUT I thought it was for CCleaner own reputation.
  5. On Windows 7 : Easy, just listen to a clip with WMP then put the clip in the recycle bin and run CCleaner (it will empty the recycle bin and do all the cleanup of applications, etc.) In the task bar, click the orange WMP icon and you'll see the video, click play and it will run while I thought CCleaner would have cleaned it all, including all what have been cached.
  6. Anyone gave this a try? If 10 people says this is true, more chance it will get fixed. Unless the team jump in to say this has already been tested and will be fixed in next release.
  7. I don't have this installed but have some LIVE things related so maybe that's it... it should be added in Applications then, no? It would be nice to have a checkmark to 'Delete Windows Live cache'.
  8. Hotmail always remember my email when I visit. All is checked under IE so there should be not more cookies, forms and such. Why does that happen after soooo many release? IE was NOT running. Newly introduced bug or? I ask because in the past I was just running it without checking really (trusting it). 2 things in a row I find that it does not clean properly... Does CCleaner really works like it is supposed to?
  9. Windows 7 64 bits. Play a movie with WMP for a few seconds then close WMP with the X. Delete the movie (recycle bin) and run CCleaner. Now you think you are safe, the porn movie you just watched is gone. Your girlfriend come and click the WMP icon in the task bar, OMG THE HORROR! The movie is still there and fully watchable. LOL! I took such an exemple to make sure it will be taken into consideration for the next update. Yes, WMP is checked under Applications, everything is checked...
  10. Just found out that Auslogics Disk Defrag added this option which is called Consolidate in their latest 3.x version. When will Defraggler will do the same?
  11. Using the very last version... I've done a complete defrag where I asked to move some large file at the end. This seems to work fine but why does it left small tidbits here and there in the middle instead of compacting everyting? I thought it would create one massive block at the begining and another smaller compact block at the end where all large file are and no files in-between (unles they are read only or something). Am I missing something? I tried defrag freespace but it's not that either.
  12. Using the very last version... Complete defrag where I moved large file at the end but why does it left small tidbits here and there instead of compacting everyting? I thought it would creat one massive block at the begining and another smaller compact block at the end where all large file are. Is this normal? Thank you!
  13. SOLVED with latest release! I also tried up to 2048x1536 and works great. They haven't specifically specified it, they just wrote Minor GUI improvements, like if they were shy of listing all the changes. THANKS!
  14. Having the option would be welcome. For some reason I like to look at Defraggler running, I'm the king of guy looking at the screen when it defrags instead of leaving the computer alone to come back 10 minutes later. I'm sure I'm not alone...
  15. Like kmillerusaf, I've done more testing... It seems that the problem is with the block chart. There seems to be a max size hardencoded so if you exceed this limit, next time you run it, it will show up with the hardcoded maximum size. Because I was able to get the position saved but only when resizing down. Can they (programmers) tell us if they will be able to remove the maximum size? My display is 1600x1200 and I want to maximize the block chart area because I don't like when a block may contain 1332 files. 1 block - 1 file would be the best but cannot be done unless they add the possibility 1 pixel = 1 file, that would be awesome. Like someone suggested, they should add an option to specify block size we would like in pixels square. It that was to happen I will for sure set it to 1 pixel.
  16. Yeah, tanks for your voice. I'm sure I'm not alone but it's pretty quiet over here so...
  17. No I don't clean between 2 runs. I run it, place the split line where I want it, close and reopen it and it's back to the top. Wanted to point out again it does not only happen to me. See point 3 here. I don't know why it is working for you...
  18. The line showing files being moved are displayed and updated only every second... could it be updated as often as a new file is moved? How slow it will become? Can you add the option and we decide or it will become too much slow?
  19. This is STILL not solved... :-( I'm close to be pissed to always have to move the line at the bottom. Any programmer reading?
  20. Maximased or not, it never remember the position of the split line. I'm at work now, installed latest version and it's the same. I also see I'm not alone because I just saw it in the feature request. See point 3 here. Are you one of the programmer?
  21. I know what you mean : 1 file is in this block. More seriously, it must have something to do with how they work shadings...
  22. I tried again... When it starts, this is the screen layout : Then I lower the split line to this level : When I close Defraggler and reopen it, I get the 1st image at the top. I even tried with adding a checkmark to Save all settings to .INI file but does not work. This with XP SP3 clean install 2 weeks ago but was the same with SP2.
  23. No error... and also, this is a brand new Velociraptor. I thought viewing it would help and others could compare or report similar behavior.
  24. ANYONE ELSE finds it slow at some point? Tell me how to record a clip, I'll show you.
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