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  1. nope sorry, nothing I can think of greetz, king moeha
  2. It seems that all these files are system restore files delete those and they will dissapear (latest build of CCleaner has a function to delete them) you may want to keep 1, just in case your computer gets messed up.. king moeha
  3. hmmm... it seems there are only 92 fragmented files, so I guess those file might be very big. (how big is your hard disk btw?) another file consuming file is your pagefile if you're using xp you can defrag this with PageDefrag (not compatible with vista!) http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinte...s/bb897426.aspx I can't think of something else right now king moeha
  4. sorry, I forgot to mention that the latest release of CCleaner has an option to select and delete specific restore points It's quite safe to delete the ones you don't need because those restore points are just a waste of space (be sure you leave at least one on your pc, just in case.) king moeha
  5. here's a tip: go to the 'file list' tab and click on 'size'. You'll see that the biggest files are listed on top then. You may see that some of these are 'system volume information' (these are your system restore files). delete those files and possibly the fragmentation rate will go down (defraggler can't defrag them)
  6. I tried most of those 'solutions' but none of them worked (except for the one where you have to reset your registry, but that one messed up my pc ) So I just re-installed windows, there were a lot of anoying errors and this one was the drop that did it... problem solved! (my system works even better then before) thanks anyway and sorry to disturb you greetz, king moeha
  7. uhh, I'm having a little problem with my windows update (vista) It downloaded service pack 2 for my office 2007 installation but after downloading it gave an error (code 57A). I've tried everything, and each time I end up in screwing op my pc Hurray to system restore! Any ideas how to fix this? greetz, King Moeha (p.s. my pc is spyware/adware/virus free)
  8. revo uninstaller has indeed a 'force uninstall' option: right-click the selected program and click 'forced uninstall'.
  9. okay it's fixed thanks King Moeha
  10. Office is activated properly (it's no pirated version ) I guess I'll just reinstall it, it doesn't take that long thanks for the tips by the way King Moeha
  11. hey guys, I'm having a little problem with my microsoft office (2007) installation... Every time a program like word or excel starts, it asks for my full name and initials. it seems it can't properly remember it If anyone knows something how to fix this, please let me know system: windows vista home premium sp1, 4 gig ram, intel core 2 quad cpu Q9400 2.66 GHz, Nvidia GeForce 9800 GTX+ King Moeha
  12. Actually I don't use a firewall, but the good old windows firewall is turned on. (otherwise the security center starts naggin' again... ) I like to use as few system resources as possible
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