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  1. Thanks for all the suggestions on this. 1.I'm running Windows Vista. 2.I've done a full scan using malwarebytes-zero reported. 3.I carried out a full norton removal at the time of installing Avast. 4.Windows Security Center reports- firewall switched off -before loading IE or Firefox.i re-instate it & then same again on next re-start. wasn't sure what Humpty meant on Services set to automatic? 5.Event Manager Audit does not report errors 5025,5029 or 5030-the ones that Microsoft highlights in its Tech Center docs. I've not used hijackthis log before.Are there any risks? Also how do I locate the log for it to analyse? If I conduct a registry clean on CCCleaner-which checkbox should I concentrate on? Rgds S
  2. yes I then re-instate it and next timeI boot up it's switched off again
  3. Hi there, Apologies for an old chestnut.For the last month my Windows firewall is dropping on start-up. I've tried everything to resolve.My anti virus is Avast-this has no firewall.I removed all traces of Norton.have run malwarebytes-nothing reporting.Secunia similarly reported no problems. Now using cc cleaner-before i run the registry cleaner-is there anything i should be looking for here that could eradicate this problem. Thanks
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