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  1. The portable version of the 1.31 where can be downloaded?
  2. If the "index" of the file isn't overwritten it can be recover regardless the extension but if the "index" IS overwritten then it can be recovered only if it is a supported type and cardrecovery support it =>
  3. I need to recover videos from a formatted hardisk inside a digital camera. I have enabled deep scan but Recuva doesn't see it. The detail of a file with the same format: General ID : 0 Complete name : F:\AVCHD\BDMV\STREAM\00006.MTS Format : BDAV Format/Info : BluRay Video File size : 38.2 MiB Duration : 34s 786ms Overall bit rate : 9 201 Kbps Maximum Overall bit rate : 18.0 Mbps Video ID
  4. ale5000

    64 bit

    Does Recuva works on the 64bit version of Windows XP?
  5. Can be added the possibility to overwrite filenames with random characters during the secure deletion?
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