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  1. The last time I used the cleaner I received a window inviting me to download a new version of the program. Is this new version still usable with Windows 98?
  2. Thanks for the replies. The last time I used the CCCLEANER I clicked on analyse first and then on cleaner. This made it clearer to me what was happening.
  3. When I use the Windows cleaner, I get a list of files to be deletd. How do I actually delete those files?
  4. Which windows sytems can I use Recuva with?
  5. I run the cleaner. A list of files shows up. Most files seem to have been deleted. A couple of files read to be deleted. I can't figure out how to delete these. I have looked at the help, no help. One file that shows up is associated with a problem. Please help me delete these files.
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