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  1. Laptops are different animals from "normal" motherboards. All depends what chips were installed. The manufacturer can install any chips even though parts of it are not used.
  2. I used it on 4/26 and there is nothing wrong with my Win 10 since that date.
  3. I do have my key. Every time Windows 10 does an update Speccy is gone. When I realize it, I need to get the program again and forget from where.
  4. I got Cryptwall and don't want to take a chance of infecting my external usb drive.
  5. KenW

    Windows Key

    Found it.
  6. KenW

    Windows Key

    Where do I find my software keys? Mainly Windows 10. The fonts are a little small for me to see. Thank You
  7. KenW

    Log Files

    Thank you, sort of what I expected.
  8. KenW

    Log Files

    Log file cleaning is interesting for the mount cleaned.. What logs are cleaned ? Event Viewer ? Thank You
  9. Just tried cleaning again and cookies were gone. OH Well
  10. On Windows 8. No cookies were deleted. I deleted them in Internet Options and they were not detected. Did a clean install of 4.14 and no change. Cookies are checked in main page for IE
  11. From a command prompt run chkdsk c: /r and chkdsk D: /r Sorry, but I don't trust running windows utilities.
  12. Found problem. It was permissions for my C:\Temp folder. One reason for changing, is that some program updates, are put into a \temp folder. Copy to a usb flash drive and run on other computers. Every other computer SP1 was an update. This one came with SP1. Could be some kind of Administrator thing. Happynes is Windows !!
  13. This is only new machine, my other 4 never had a problem. Weird Windows every version !!!!!
  14. Thank you, I will try that. Only machine with the problm. While it shouldn't make any difference, the capitol letters were different in the two c:\temp locations Temp vs temp' . I have corrected that, uninstalled CC. Will try portable first and see what happens and then reinstall and test. Do you know if CC uses the registry to find the Temp folders ? If it does, could be something there although everything is going to C:\ Temp the way I want.
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