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  1. Please don't misunderstand me, I do appreciate the time and effort of anyone responding, and I have no doubt that you are all well meaning. I am not trying, nor was I ever trying, to lay the blame on a particular application, company, or program. My concern is the same as it was to begin with, why did it happen and how to prevent it from happening again if there is a way to do so, assuming I can determine the reason why it happened. Most of the answers I get here keep saying it has to be a problem with the anti virus program being weak, inadequate, or not very good in some form or another.
  2. Wow, looks like I got a couple of the heavy hitters involved. Sorry guys, but it looks like both of your responses are both blaming Verizon for being the issue and defending CCleaner. That's okay, I expect that response when there is no real answer to be determined. Something happened, none of us will ever know what exactly or how it happened. None of us want to think that it is our product's fault that someone had a problem, that's human nature. I got the same type of response from Verizon. If either Verizon, or anyone here, had an answer other than, "it must be the other guy's fault", I'
  3. Yes, I did consider that. Talking to Verizon about it got me the same answer that I have gotten on this forum from the moderator. That answer is "it can't be our fault" from both of the support teams! LOL, something happened, what I will never know, nor will I know why it happened. I haven't ever had any problem with Verizon's Security Suite since I installed it a year ago, and it is very effective in all it does. However, I still use CCleaner and Superantispyware as well because no one program can do it all completely these days. It is possible that Verizon's anti virus had an issue with
  4. I am not you and I am more concerned with why a false positive from filehippo as you claim it was would corrupt an anti virus program. Looks like the anti virus program did work, detecting and whacking something, but got taken down while doing it's job. I do hope you are aware that some bugs are designed to kill virus scanning programs. McAfee is particularly vulnerable to them if the virus gets into your system. Another scan done as soon as I installed Verizon again showed a trojan in my temp files. The only place a trojan could have come from IS filehippo since I hadn't opened anything else,
  5. I have the Verizon Security Suite. I did get an option to clean the virus, but when I clicked on that, it locked up the computer completely and nothing would make it work until I turned it off and back on. When it booted up again, I had NO virus protection, it was no longer even showing in my security services. When I clicked on restarting it, I got a message that the virus scan software had been corrupted and needed to be reinstalled. That has never occured before, which is why I am concerned about Filehippo and the CC downloads.
  6. A few days ago I tried to update CCleaner, something I usually do at least a few times a week. This time I got a virus warning as the download progressed from filehippo. I instantly broke the connection by unplugging the cable from the computer. When I checked it out, my virus scan software was no longer functioning or showed up on my list of programs for my security suite software. I had to download it again and reinstall it before it would function. I have not updated CCleaner since that morning. Was this a one time problem with the code in the download or is there a serious problem with
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