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  1. Hi Davey, I did do an update a few weeks ago with Spy Sweeper but this problem just came up in the last few days...it created it's own temp file in Windows I have written to Webroot and have not received an answer back yet. Typical with them. I am suspect of any new temp files that may get around my security systems and mask themselves as another program...I don't think that is the case here but find it strange that CCleaner shows that it deletes them only to run it a few times in a row and have the same files pop right back up...thanks for the welcome!
  2. Hi, I am new here CCleaner has always removed all temp files but for some reason will not remove temp files created by my Spy Sweeper Program...this is new and they always pop back up. Anyone else experience this? They are in Windows under: C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\wrstemp Why would this be happening all of a sudden? Thanks.
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