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  1. I have some suggestions as to what it could POSSIBLY contain: The options to defrag pagefile.sys etc... could be placed in a Boot-time section of defraggler's menu in the UI and all you have to do is simply uncheck or check (like the files) the options you want and they will be scheduled for next start-up. It might even have that start-up page that shows how much is being processed, what is being processed similar to the CHKDSK page when you schedule a disk check... Something like this thing below... "Defraggler is now defragmenting your paging file" ...........................................................................50% Processed and Defragmented I don't even know how the devs could do this but I have high hopes for them. Suggestions only, you might or might not like them; you may even hate them, but I'm just speaking my mind... I'm only a noob alright?
  2. The shell works like a charm. However, I would like to request if there could be some kind of logo right beside the shell option because when I right click a single item, the shells (not just Defraggler's) fill up my entire screen.
  3. Hello there, I am still an amateur user since I've only had my PC for about 6 months. Yet, I have also used Defraggler for 6 months... I also registered JUST so I could be in the forums I have a few suggestions: 1. The 'Defraggler' window looks like it was made in the 90's (no offense). I know that visual doesn't matter but I THINK it could boost up the download counts. 2. When you're defragmenting files, wouldn't it be better to know when the defrag is actually going to finish? I suggest an ETA after each file 3. I want to have it defragment my Paging File (please disregard this if Defraggler already does) 4. I also want to have Defraggler show a percentage of fragmentation (if possible, down to the hundredth) 5. It could show the disk usage of each file like TuneUp Utilities Disk Explorer (image in attachment) Thank you for your time
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