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  1. My Twitter account is already a private account but it's being attacked by hackers/spammers, they are removing and putting back the accounts of who I follow . How I can stop that?! My password is OK, I have the control of the account without problems.
  2. This softwares are of good companies and a option to the traditional ones,perhaps.
  3. Thanks, I will also explore this option.
  4. In my research I found these interesting: Rising antivirus 20.56 ;Hazard Shield; Sentinel 2.2.1(registers);Rubbotted 1.0 Beta(bots). What do you think about?
  5. By now I did remove enough norton.I am looking others malware solutions.Do you have any sugestion?
  6. I had made a windows and revo uninstaller mix to remove this norton and did not resolve,now I think worked,but I am testing the system because I had to re-install my mini modem software. I intend to install a new set of security softwares. Thanks
  7. The windows deleted the name of the norton of the listed programs on my first trying,but I found a document of text with 2007.
  8. First of all Thanks. I am now in the site and it asks me about if my norton is 2008 or 2007,where I can see this information in the machine?
  9. I am trying to uninstall the norton that came inside my equipment, but the Add/Remove function of the Windows made only part of the service.What I do?
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