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  1. Hi, It's hard to believe nobody mentions this, it's like "not seeing the elephant in the room"... If you look at: All the information that CCleaner used to provide is now GONE!... What's been supposed to be "the log" of cleaning actions is now "a summary"... Then why do CCleaner "still" uses the 'big fat logging area' which it doesn't need anymore? Why don't redesign the interface so that the space will be used wisely and optimum? In short if CCleaner is to follow this new path of logging then it really should consider slimming the unnecessary spaces and elements (shown in
  2. Hi, Yesterday I run CCleaner to get more free space than I expected. When I checked the CCleaner log: It showed a gig is "cleaned" yet I don't remember what were deleted. I'm sure they're unnecessary yet it would be nice if CCleaner to provide an option for displaying "Detailed Log of Emptied Recycle Bin Items" like it does with option for IE or FF (in advanced options)... I really couldn't believe such "obvious" feature is really missing in CCleaner. Hope this is to be corrected in the next minor version... Bye...
  3. Hi, Searching for a good file recovery software I've tried many top ten listings, editor's picks and etc.. After many disappointments the most rated (according to the sites I've visited) "RecoverMyFiles" does indeed did a good job in recovery... But after trying Recuva, RecoverMyFiles seemed somewhat bloated and pricey since Recuva does a better job and it's free many thanks to Piriform... Yet another try; "Pandora Recovery" has beaten both 'Recuva > RecoverMyFiles' with great significance. I now have both Pandora and Recuva installed on my system (uninstalled other) for "if one
  4. Hi, I first experienced Defraggler while trying to search for a counterpart for my commercial defragger. A counterpart which can do the things the other(s) can't. As time passess Defraggler unquestionably becomes my second hand for everyday fragmentation. Like many others complaining here for Defraggler to become a FREEWARE Diskeeper or PerfectDisk(my other hand), I'm totally opposed to see Defraggler becoming a CLONE-BLOAT Defragger with many many features yet less effective... Like most can't do their jobs without "both" hands, now I can't manage defragging using PerfectDisk "in conj
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