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    DVD'S - coffee - my 4 year old son Trent Li named after Jet Li. politics and world events.
  1. Thnx for the welcome CaPMan over and out, mr24k
  2. thnx Mangix for your reply I am a newbie on the net and as of yet not confident. mr24k
  3. Hi Hazelnut, Thanx for your welcome & helpful reply I feel a slight more positive, but ,would you believe still procrastinating about it (duhh and grr) when I guess after your explanation it is no big deal. Cheers, mr24k
  4. Hi from australia, I have only just setup CCleaner - some advice thnx. In the uninstall section it seems to have my spyware programs -how come? Also when I clicked for it to clean it mentions items will be Permanently deleted which scared me to cancel instead of running it. I was concerned it may delete items not to be deleted.Yeh at the moment I am a virgin as it is my first time to do it. So any assistance I will be happy for. Regards, Mr24k
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