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  1. Nah. As i said, when i reinstalled Vista, i have a set of apps that i download/install, before doing anything else to the OS, and CCleaner is one of them (the others being: AVG Free, Firefox, and 7-zip.) And all those entries are listed from the get go. Yup, i always do (again, all those entries are there before i do a single thing.) The only reason i have one startup item, is because i only need one (my anti-virus,) the rest (qttask.exe, ati hotkey poller, java update scheduler, and a whole host of other 'automatically check for updates online' rubbish are unnecessary to me...i can quite easily do that myself, without my comps resources being wastefully utilised, and as for 'preloaders', i can live with the extra 1 second an app takes to load, when these are disabled...sorry, ranting there ) No, i have no startup folder(s), i don't need any progs to start when windows does (except my AV, of course, but that starts up as a service,) so i deleted them.
  2. Hi Jamin4u, thank you for the welcome, and the reply. It has always been like that. My laptop came with Vista home Premium Sp1 installed...which i promptly removed (it's an Acer laptop, so you can just imagine all the useless crapware that was on it out of the box.) Before i removed it though, i 'experimented', testing which services i could disable, tweaking UAC to my liking etc etc, and in the process of doing that 'experimentation', i installed CCleaner, and all those startup items were there even then. When i done a clean format/reinstall of Home Premium sp1, installed CCleaner once more, the startup list, again, still had all those entries...moving on a bit, installed sp2 beta; for anyone who hasn't installed it, you're in for quite a surprise when it's released...it's still a beta just now, obviously, but my comp is a fair bit faster, and more 'solid' feeling than with sp1, oh, and the boot time was cut quite dramatically too, without using readyboost...anyway, i'm digressing Installed sp2 beta, and all the entries are still there in tools/startup. When i run msconfig, things are as they should be, the only entry in startup there, is the avgtray.exe one. Also, if i right click on any of the entries (excluding the avgtray.exe one...that will disable/enable, and uninstall as it should) and select disable, i get a message that reads 'failed to enable/disable startup item, access denied', and if i try to delete any, the delete confirmation message appears, but when i select yes, nothing happens. Sorry for making such a long post, but i wanted to get as much info in as possible. Oh, and just to clarify, before i replied to you, i installed the latest build of CCleaner.
  3. Should it have so many files listed in startup? On my desktop (xp sp3) all i have is one entry (avgtray.exe.) As you can see by the pic, on my vista (sp2 beta, but it was the exact same with sp1, so the service pack i have isn't influencing it) there are a lot of files listed. Any reason for this, or has something went terribly wrong on my comp? (although, it runs perfectly fine.)
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