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  1. Just for the record, even after a fresh install of XP I get several hundred issues that need fixing. It's not big deal, I wouldn't even worry about it.
  2. No need to vendor bash. If you don't mind me saying, you're talking rubbish. Look into the facts and back up your words with those. nVidia is generally better in OpenGL. ATi generally does DirextX better. As most games run under DX, it doesn't make sense to be a fanboy and rule out ATi, now does it? Let's look at this realistically. The nVidia FX range was pretty much awful. Ati's Radeon 9xxx range owned that fair and square. nVidia released the 6xxx series and was on top for a ltittle while. Not for long though, as ATi's equivalent cards performed better and didn't cost as much. Now we have the nVidia 7xxx range, and it won't be long before ATi knocks out their card to crush the nVidia. See a pattern yet? It's all swings and roundabouts -- one manufacturer releases their new hot product, then the product gets crushed by it's rival. Same thing happens years after year, and it will continue to do so whilever there's more than one choice. This is good. It means that prices are kept reasonable and the market isn't dominated by one manufacturer. So, a couple of months down the line there might be something better than nVidia or ATi's current powerhouse. This is why it doesn't make sense to be a fanboy, you should just buy whatever card offers the best performance for the money at any given time.
  3. Pure overall wattage isn't as important as a PSU that delivers stable power. It's important to look at amperage. Anything less than about 18A on the +12V line should be avoided for modern systems. Graphics cards can take some juice, btw. I had an old 300watt PSU that just couldn't handle my 9800 Pro. Since then I built a new system (Athlon64 3200+, MSI K8N Neo Platinum, HIS 9800 Pro IceQ, blah...) and I bought myself a Tagan TG480-U01, which is a 480 watt unit. This is an incredible PSU. Maybe you don't want to pay the kind of money they sell for (it really is worth it though) but Tagan offer amazing PSU's from about 330 watts and up. I fully recommend them. Anyway -- don't forget, raw wattage doesn't mean much. Take a look at the AMPS it can supply.
  4. CrapCleaners main job is to safely and quickly clear junk, it's not intended to be a powerful registry cleaner, although the one included does do a nice job, and safely. RegSeeker is the best registry cleaner I've found, and it's free, unlike JV's products. I've used RegSeeker for about 3 years and never had a problem with it. I can't say the same for JV16 PowerTools.
  5. Thanks for confirming this. I'm certain that CrapCleaner doesn't delete bookmarks and the problem was caused by something else. I use CrapCleaner all the time even with FF open and nothing has ever gone wrong. TwistedMetal, thanks for the tip. Does FireTune do something similar to the tweaks I included in my Firefox guide? http://forums.amd.com/index.php?showtopic=43224
  6. Hey I'd love to have a registry compactor, it'd just mean one less program to use if it was included. NTREGOPT is great though. If CCleaner could include something similar while keeping the program safe and small in size, that'd be a nice little feature.
  7. Hi all. I wanted to mention a thread over at the AMD forums where one member claims that CrapCleaner deleted his bookmarks from Firefox. Since I'm a user of CrapCleaner for over 2 years and having never had a single problem with it, I wondered if the guy was mistaken. I'm not saying the program is flawless, what software is? I'm just suprised that someone claimed this great program wiped out bookmarks from Firefox. The thread is here: http://forums.amd.com/index.php?showtopic=...ndpost&p=485764
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