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  1. Hi amirpiriform: This may help. Make sure the cleaner tab is clicked on, then make sure you have the windows tab selected at the top. Look under the system category and see if you have selected: Start Menu Shortcuts or Desktop Shortcuts. If so uncheck them. This may help.
  2. I too agree BrianH, I posted in another topic the same as you say about us older people and hard to see.
  3. Hi Guys: I do not use Internet Explorer or Firefox. I am a Google Chrome user. I noticed with CCleaner it shows start up items for Internet Explorer and Firefox. Since I do not use those two browsers. Can I disable all items in the start up for these two browsers? If so I think my computer would start up a lot quicker. PS: I don't even have Firefox installed and it shows 14 items starting on start up. Thanks. sOulbAit
  4. Hi Guys: I have always loved the program and always will. It is the best on the market. I have enjoyed the interface as it was easy to read, present on the eyes and straight to the point on what to do. Now for the new interface. I am an older person with not the best eye sight. You have made it so washed out that it is now hard to see, looks like it has been changed to something that is being seen thru the bottom of a soda bottle. Not very defined and looks like it has been just throne together just to make a change. Sometimes change is good, but you have changed for the worse. Please refine this new change or go back to the old style. Like I said at the start, your program is the best on the market (function), not your looks. Thanks Piriform.
  5. Thanks Whiteshark: This was also what was causing my problem with false cookies. I went to the directory you mentioned and yes I had a google/Chrome dirctory from when I gave Chrome a test. When I uninstalled Chrome, it did not remove this directory. I manually uninstalled this directory and now my false positive cookies are gone. Thanks again.
  6. Just installed the latest version and still not working correctly. I still have about 30 cookies in the delete list and it will not remove them. My SuperAdBlocker says there are no cookies to delete, so I guess they are still bogess. Why is CCleaner picking ups these bogess cookies? All the cookies it shows are from the past. Is there a file on the computer that holds this info, that I need to delete so CCleaner will start fresh? Windows Vista SP1, Windows Explorer 7. Thanks sOulbAit
  7. I am also having the same problem. Just installed the latest version and transferd the cookies I wanted to keep and then did a clean. After it completed, it still had most if not all of the cookies in the delete list. I then uninstalled this latest version and installed the earlier version and did it again. Still the same thing, it keeps showing cookies in the left list and either will not get ride of them or it is false positive. I reinstalled the latest again after uninstalling the other and still the same. I can run SuperAdBlocker and it does not show those cookies in the list. So I am believeing it is false positive. Here are a few that it shows: Adobe.com, Bloomberg.com, live.com and about 50 others. If I can help out in anyway, please let me know. PS: I am only running Windows explorier 7 and I am using vista sp1. Thank you very much. sOulbAit
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