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  1. Thank you for hint. I could live with that error, but another reason to post it was a way to report a bug (I think that type of connection can be identified, or at least a try/catch on that section of code could be useful).
  2. Hello, I downloaded last version of Defraggler (1.04.098). I can't start if only I deactivate internet connection. This is quite annoying. To access internet I must use a proxy with authentication and I think that is reason that cause defraggler to crash at startup. If I start with internet connection disabled, it doesn't crash, but I get an error something like "could not connect to internet" You can see bellow log. P.S: Sorry for my english. Defraggler.exe._1_4_98__2008_11_26_10_11_.txt Defraggler.exe._1_4_98__2008_11_26_10_11_.txt
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