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  1. Audio & Video ========= winamp + power dvd Design & Photo ========== corel + irfanview Desktop Enhancements =============== xm...nothing Developer Tools ========== i will put here visual basic 6 Internet ===== firefox!!! Utilities ===== system mechanic 5 pro Security ===== hijackthis adaware ZONE ALARM (SAVE MY ...MANYY TIMESS!!!!) thats all i think
  2. Also well done from me MrG!Excellent work.Thank you also for the "problems"that you've fixed in the greek version. Keep upthe good work.Don't give up. We are here all with you
  3. geoplitopo


    Thank you man.I'll do it...
  4. geoplitopo


    Hello guys!I'm from Greece and i have a suggestion.I want to see my favorite program also and in my language (Greek).If for some reason you can't do it (you don't have a translator, you don't have time etc.)i would be glad to help you and make the translation.I can see so many language,except mine and i don't like that. How does it look like?Can i help?Is there anybody that can arrange that? Thanks... ;-)
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