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  1. Hi all I got finally the solution for my long-standing problem, which was that when I installed Ccleaner on my Vista it would only clean the admin account used to allow the installation, not my standard user account. This was made more complex because the standard account is part of a domain, while the admin account I used for install was local to the machine. The solution boils down to this: once CCleaner has been installed (using whatever admin account), it has to be manually allowed for the (standard) user that finally will be using it. Let me explain: when you launch CCleaner fro
  2. No actually I was able to do all these operations, but still once Cc was launched (either from a shortcut icon on my desktop, or directly from Program Files, or from the Recycle Bin shortcut), still it would only clean the local admin account. yeah I think I'll do that. Many thanks for your help! NB.
  3. Hi all Thanks for your answers. @G Goldblum & RedDawn: I've tried your solutions but still CCleaner does only clean the admin account. However, I think I got a hint, something I didn't mention to you guys cause I didn't think it was related. The admin account and the standard account are NOT on the same domain. My standard account is part of my corporate domain, whereas the admin account is local to the machine (not a network admin) . As Cc was installed from the local admin account, maybe it can't access my standard domain account? It would certainly be the first software that I'v
  4. Hi all I've installed CCleaner on my PC with Vista. To do this, I had to log in as Admin, and I also tried installing under my bormal user account with "run as admin" command. When I run CCleaner from my normal user account, the UAC kicks in and I need to enter my admin password (that makes sense). But then when it runs, CCleaner then cleans only the personal files, caches, temporary folders etc related to the admin account. It does not take care of the normal account where I launched it from in the first place. Is there any way to get CCleaner to clean my normal user account, not the admin?
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