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  1. You're right. It's the crappy OS that is having the problem. I think I'll switch to Linux some day because I like perfection and Windows OS is far from that. Thanks for the reply.
  2. In CCleaner there's an option under the menu 'Registry' called 'Unused File Extension' which (if checked) lists all the filenames for which their extension isn't associated to any application. This should *only* apply to filenames and not to directories. If you have a directory with a dot (say 'test.xyz'), CCleaner will list it among unused file extensions (the unused file extension being 'xyz' of course). You can test this. Make a directory (or a *folder* in the Microsoft Windows term) named 'test.xyz', access it (double-click the folder) and close it. Then run CClener with the option 'Un
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