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  1. Hi there, the custom files and folders removal is working normally, but there're many lnk files left without being removed under a subfolder in the specified custom file.
  2. Hi there, pls allow user to paste a very long path in the "Option | Include | Add | Drive or Folder" rather request user to dig deep into a folder from the tree.
  3. Oh, well, thanks for all the replies here in this forum. However I mean cleaning the reg entry in an unattended manner, like scheduling CCleaner to remove unused things.
  4. Thanks Alan, but I prefer to use a software without using command line.
  5. It's a free Yahoo dictionary called Yahoo!Mini which creates an auto start entry C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Mini\YMiniUpdat2.exe automatically in HKU erratically though I'd unchecked the start with window option. It's obviously buggy, but I'm still using it until the next release that may fix this issue from Yahoo. That's what I'm going to remove using CCleaner automatically in an unattended manner. Do you have any idea to do so, or is there any software to remove it in such reactive manner? Thanks.
  6. Hi all, I don't mean an attended disabling a startup entry, but I rather expect using an unattended and automatic way of removing startup entries by way of CCleaner.
  7. Yes, it's HKey_Current_User. For startup, they're dispersed in different area, like HKCU, HKU, HKLM, services, and so on. I thought CCleaner may deal with startup in this manner.
  8. I mean I would like to remove a few specific startup entries in HKCU, since those entries are frequently automatically recreated themselves. I'm not sure if CCleaner could do this job, or else may I suggest that please provide another function similar to the INCLUDE in Option for removing registry entries in the future? Thanks.
  9. Hi there, could CCleaner remove a startup program from registry like HKCU?
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