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  1. Yeah, that might be a good idea. I have other drives i cant transfer some of it to. Seem like a waste that you cant use the last few GB of data on a HD.
  2. I was going to defrag my 80G.B. hard drive which is 87%full/13%free space. I used the built in windows XP defragger. When i did, it said i need more free space to defrag correctly. I was like WTF, i cant defrag if i fill up my drive past a point? So i tried Defraggler on the drive, and it worked perfectly. I was so happy. Thanks to all the talented ppl who make this wonderful free product. Much appreciated. PS:Does Deraggler need a certain amount of free space to work?
  3. I'm not dissing Defraggler at all, seem to be a wonderful product. I like the look and the ease of its use. It does a great job. Just was a question, as there was no big description write up on its safety and how it defrags.
  4. I have Defraggler on my junk laptop, but am wary about using it on my main PC. How safe is Defraggler? Does it just move the files around(Safe) or does it modify the disk by itself(not safe). In other words, is the way Defraggle defrags safe.
  5. I hope this hasnt been said before, but id like to see Defraggler do a compacting of the files on a HD. You know how the defrager that comes with your computer does. I dont know if it should be done as a separate option or with the defragging process?
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