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  1. It's not CCleaner bug, because in add/remove programs in control panel also not every application installed is shown
  2. My CCleaner doesn't show all programs in the tools section >> uninstall. This happened recently but i can't see anything i did wrong, cause what i've been doing were the usual things - nothing special with my system Here's the screenshot: Any solution?
  3. RakuPL


    Well I would suggest: none! Stay away from Norton, cause it's not what it used to be in the old days Very poor piece of software.
  4. Secure?! I don't think so. Now there is more security flaws discovered in firefox than in IE! Personally I have nothing against any software but don't say secure if you first don't check Secunia for example (3 vulnerabilities not fixed in FF now). I don't use FF cause installation of those extensions drives me crazy. Especially when it comes out that they're not compatible with FF although they should be I use Opera - cause it's fast, stable and secure. But - who cares?!
  5. RakuPL


    Some extension for sure. BTW: You've written that Firefox is more W3C compliant - I ask you then where have you found such information?
  6. RakuPL


    Opera - now freeware (no ad banner or licence fee)! One of the best browsers (or maybe best?). Integrated email client, chat client and more... Go and download it to try and see if you like it!
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